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Rough Stuff 8 Cover Painting

By mikemayhew
11X14 in watercolor. This issue of Rough Stuff magazine had an extensive interview with me, and never before scene art. Available here: [link]=product_info&cPath=98_67&;products_id=673
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Lovely image, full of red color!
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Wonderful art
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Beautiful work, so well done! You have a lot of skill, clearly! Wanda's my favourite in this, but all three are fabulous!
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Gonna mention this on the cbr boards, Carol Danvers appreciation thread.  It really looks good.
bat973's avatar
Marvelous work
ghostcapi's avatar
Beautiful... Fantastic... Awesome... GREAT!!!
Zhaanman's avatar
Wicked cool presentation of color and style love these ladies Wicked cool look!
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Great artwork Mike, would be cool for pinballs!
Greetings from Caracas, Venezuela.

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Excellent cover! I've got this issue - - it's a good one!
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Now that's an interesting Wasp outfit! Great piece.
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Wow! A very dynamic and colorful piece with some wonderful details! Nice use of watercolors and a very strong cover indeed! Excellent work!
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Totally cool stuff!
FatefullyKinetic's avatar
Ms. Marvel looks simply smashing. But Wanda sorta reminds me of Susan Surandon or however you spell her last name) from back during the days of Rocky Horror.
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wow I thought this was a rough painting lol i was going to bug out=]
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love your work!
TSAN75's avatar
I like your water colour and sketch drawing! super gooooood~
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Yours paintings are perfect, I would like very much to use the watercolor this manner!
PandorasPride's avatar
Unbelievably gorgeous, as usual^^
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