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Mighty No. 9 vs Mega Man

Make Me Draw! Mighty No. 9 vs Mega Man!

Well, it's been a long, long time since I've been on Deviantart! But I finally found a reason to come back!
I started a new video series called "Make Me Draw!", which you can see here…

The idea of this show is that people suggest death match battles to me by leaving a comment on our website.
I will pick somebody's reply to make a drawing from. I film myself making the drawing, and then speed it up for time.

And if I choose you're suggestion, I will link your page. The winner for the first video was

If you want a chance at getting me to draw your idea, go to our website and leave a comment. You can also leave a comment on my Twitter page.

Website -
Twitter -

Also, thanks to Zircon for the music in the video.
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MatthewDaAnimeFanboy's avatar
This was apparently an homage to Mega Man, not to mention that Mega Man 9 and 10 were developed by Inti Creates.
Percyfan94's avatar
Kinda sad to see this was flipped in recent events.
falconvillager's avatar
Pretty sad to look back at this now, considering the failure on MN9, but hey, the hype was fun while it lasted...
MegatronDX's avatar
I have to say its the other way around now......
skullofmyenemies's avatar
Yeah, in Mega Man would kick that knock off's ass!
kgilbert2's avatar
That look on Cutman's face LOL!
SpaceRaptorPeacock's avatar
Well it is true that that Keiji Inafune did confirmed that Beck is more powerful than Mega Man in his Q&A any way hehe. Its a nice piece that I also find kinda funny anyway, Mega Man doesn't look happy though Laughing 
AikoBlackrose's avatar
Awesome artwork - just like the other ones you've done so far. :D I'm stunned by this one, hehe, I just love how you made them "fight" :) 

I watched the Make Me Draw video on Cinemassacre, and I have a question for you - hope it's okay. What kind of pen did you use for making the lineart this smooth and clear? :?
Morris1113's avatar
i honestly hate this picture. dont get me wrong its great artwork. but why shit on Megaman's legacy and make him look weak and bad for Capcom's stupidity?
mikematei's avatar
My choice to make Mighty No 9 win had nothing to do with Capcoms decisions. I grew up with Mega Man. If I had to pick between the two characters, I'd choose Mega Man in a heartbeat. That said, I decided to give the underdog a chance. I figured it's be more unexpected if he won. 
Morris1113's avatar
why's that? Keiji Inafune on Camera said MegaMan was an older model, well being created long ago. and Mighty No.9 was a newer Machine, and he claimed "he didn't believe MegaMan could be able to hold his own in a fight" im all for giving the underdog a chance, and I'm behind Mighty all the way. i just don't like MegaMan being put down in the process. but thanks for explaining, again great artwork. just, ya know lol
vichoverde's avatar
jajaja, it's a funny image.
knight31313's avatar
I think it would be funnier if it was the head of the ceo of capcom
MegaMan007's avatar
Glad you're back, Mike! Been missing your work, man! Greetings from Puerto Rico!
misterzero's avatar
Good idea! Glad you're back. Maye I'll try to make you draw!
GeneticMake-Up's avatar
Great pic :D I love the inking!
OCybersixO's avatar
You just know Cutman is loving this
Cronos-Stef's avatar
Nice work! I bet no one would have guessed that Mega Man would get his ass handed to him. Mighty No. 9 really is a cool concept and is a definite successor. Also cool that you included a couple of baddies from the Mega Man series. 

Hope to see more soon. Keep it up!
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