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Starting this weekend I’m going to make some changes with the prints in my store (and at shows). Most of them are going to unfortunately have to increase by $5. The rest will stay the same price but be the last of their printings. I’ll indicate all those by a SALE tag. Just wanted to give everyone an advanced heads up. If you’ve been sitting on something you want, this week is probably the week to get it!


The soundtrack for Cleopatra in Space #4: The Golden Lion (out this week!) is now live! I think this is the best one yet. Stream it for free @ your listening preference below.

Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

CiS01 soundtrack01 by mikemaihack CiS02 soundtrack01 by mikemaihack CiS03 soundtrack01 by mikemaihack

Did you know there are "soundtracks" for each Cleopatra in Space book? You can listen on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube!

CiS 1: Target Practice: Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube
CiS 2: The Thief and the Sword: Spotify | Apple Music  | YouTube
CiS 3:  Secret of the Time Tablets: Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube

Should also be said, while I do like all of these songs, the soundtracks aren't favorite lists. They are all songs I personally felt fit with each book, either in tone or sometimes lyrically. In other words, a lot of thought and time goes into selecting and arranging them. Might not be for everyone (lots of pop music!), but I hope you take the time to enjoy them within the context of the series. :)

Just wanted to drop a quick entry to say thanks for all the birthday wishes last week! There were so many! Which is pretty humbling since I rarely have the the time to post new art on here these days. Thanks so much for being such a swell group of followers!
These original watercolors will be for sale in my shop today noon EST. Wanted to give a heads-up since there’s always the possibility they could go pretty fast. Or not! Guess we’ll see. :)

Watercolor: Scarlet Witch by mikemaihack  Watercolor: Kiki by mikemaihack  Cap by mikemaihack
Watercolor: Moana by mikemaihack  Watercolor: Batgirl by mikemaihack  Watercolor: Supergirl by mikemaihack
Hi all! Just wanted to let you know, for a limited time, prints of the below watercolors are now available in my online shop. Each are 8x10, $5, and signed. I keep getting asked about this, so I guess now is your chance if you're interested.

Yes! by mikemaihack  Watercolor: Supergirl by mikemaihack  Watercolor: Batgirl of Burnside by mikemaihack
Watercolor: Wonder Woman by mikemaihack  Watercolor: Harley Quinn by mikemaihack  Watercolor: Rey and BB-8 by mikemaihack
Watercolor: Black Widow by mikemaihack
MegaCon is this weekend in Orlando, FL! Extended this year to four big days, May 26-29. I'll be there of course (I'm always there) but the layout is much different than in the past. Hopefully this map will make it easy to find me (click to enlarge it). I'll be in Artist Alley, table 168.


I'll have all three Cleo books on hand plus some new prints. I'll be doing watercolor sketches too, but I don't take on a lot so find me early if you want one. Also feel free to wish me a happy birthday on Friday! If you want to bring me cake, that's fine too.

The soundtrack for Cleopatra in Space #3: Secret of the Time Tablets is now available! Track listing here.

Listen for free: Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube


Today is the day! The third book in the CLEOPATRA IN SPACE series, Secret of the Time Tablets, is now out wherever books are sold. Please help me in sharing the news.


Cleo 3 wraps up the first of two trilogies for the series. For those who haven’t read any of the books yet, now’s a good time to start. There will be a time jump with Book 4 which sets up a new story arc.

Here's the cover copy:
Cleo and her friends journey from Yasiro Academy to the city of Hykosis, where some of the most notorious thieves and assassins live. They're in search of information about the time tablets that could determine Cleo's fate -- whether she wants them to or not. But the group is separated when Xaius Octavian's fleet attacks their ship, and Cleo and Akila are on their own until they run into an old nemesis. Will Cleo find the information she needs and get out of Hykosis alive?

Here's a 16 page excerpt.

Here are some nice things people have said about the series thus far:
*"Maihack's characters, both human and nonhuman, are diverse, expressive, and visually distinct." -- School Library Journal, starred review

"A delight, with its exciting layout of a futuristic Egypt complete with cool pyramid skyscrapers." -- Booklist

"Cleopatra smoothly slips into the role of confident, wisecracking, baddie-dispatching hero, and the supporting cast falls neatly into place as well." -- Publishers Weekly

"Cleo's easygoing confidence makes her a likable... heroine, but the real star of the graphic novel is Maihack's art. The cinematic paneling during action sequences skillfully conveys Cleo's vivacity and flair." -- Kirkus Reviews

"Cleo is a fun, fearless heroine -- I'd love to explore the galaxy with her!" -- Raina Telgemeier, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Smile

And here's where to buy it!

Barnes & Noble
Indie Bound (Please support local booksellers!)
Indigo (for my Canada friends)
Comixology (digital)
iBooks (digital)

If you want a signed copy of any--or all--of the Cleopatra in Space books, those can be ordered from my local bookshop, Inkwood Books. No extra price, just indicate you want a signed copy in your order comments.

To order from your local comic shop, let them know the book is available through Diamond - code: FEB161548. To find a comic shop near you, visit or call 1-800-COMIC-BOOK.

Lastly, here's a Secret of the Time Tablets wallpaper -- DOWNLOAD HERE. :)

The Beat just posted a whomping 16 page preview of CLEOPATRA IN SPACE #3! Read! Enjoy! Well, hopefully enjoy.

I’m so dang proud of this book. It’s exciting (and a little nerve wracking) to have a little of it out there in the world before the whole thing drops next month. You can preorder it here.

I will be at the Kids Love Comics section, table 3007, at Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend. I love this show! If I'm counting my years right (and it's totally conceivable that I'm not), this will be my 7th year exhibiting. Here's a map to help you find me.


I'll have both Cleo books on hand (although in limited supply because I'm, like, traveling), Batgirl & Supergirl prints, stickers...all sorts of stuff. I'll also be doing some watercolor commissions again. Now, because I've been doing these for a little while now, I've learned a few things which I, for the sake of no better place to do it at, will list here:
  • They are $30 for one character on comic backing board (that's 6.75 x 10.5 size).
  • I like comic backing board. It holds color well and sketches dry quick.
  • I prefer not to draw/paint on sketch covers. I know you guys love em, but I've yet to find one that holds watercolor well (plus there's no way to restart a drawing over if I royally screw it up). I'll do 'em, just, y'know, be aware of those things.
  • The above goes for watercoloring in sketchbooks too.
  • Only one commission per customer. Sorry, I used to do more in the past, but I felt bad having to turn people away due to lack of time.
  • I don't take pre-show commissions so find me early in the day. My list generally fills up pretty fast.

Blech. Rules. But they need to be pointed out. I guess being a parent has had that effect on me. Anyhow, looking forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces this weekend and hopefully some new ones!
Just a reminder that you can buy prints of a lot of the artwork I post in my eShop. Most of the Marvel/DC ones I only bring to shows (although they might pop in there once a year around Christmas shopping time), but I'm always adding new ones. Here's a photo of four I just put in last night.

One of my favorite shows of the year is nearly here. HeroesCon is this weekend! And I'll be there residing in Indie Island once again, this time near the back (table AA-1024). Look at this useful map I made to help you find me!


Click here for the entire floor.

If you are attending, you'll also have the chance to take home this original Batgirl/Supergirl canvas I painted for the annual art auction (held at the Westin across the street from the convention center). One of a kind! It took a while. Probably won't do something like it again.

Batgirl Supergirl Painting by mikemaihack

Also Cleo books 1 and 2! New prints! Stickers! A three-year-old! A pregnant wife! Exclamation marks!!! This might also be my last HeroesCon for a couple of years, so I really hope some of you are able to stop by.

Music is so integral to my comic creating process that I'm pleased to release the soundtrack for Cleopatra in Space #2: The Thief and the Sword: a somewhat lyrical, mostly musical companion to the graphic novel. All of the songs below were selected and arranged by me to help set the tone for The Thief and the Swordhopefully give a touch more emotional resonance to the characters, plus occasionally foreshadow events of things to come.

Cleopatra in Space: The Thief and the Sword Soundtrack
  1. "Parentheses" - The Antlers
  2. "Year One, One UFO" - M83
  3. "Replay" - Zendaya
  4. "Cool Kids (RAC Mix)" - Echosmith
  5. "Who Says" - Selena Gomez & The Scene
  6. "Across the Universe" - Fiona Apple
  7. "Shaking Heads" - Foxes
  8. "Human" - Cher Lloyd
  9. "Girl Who Got Away" - Dido
  10. "Teenagers" - Ex Cops
  11. "Trimm Trab" - Blur
  12. "Weight Of The World" - Michelle Chamuel
  13. "Mayonaise" - The Smashing Pumpkins
  14. "Won't Let Me Go" - Addison Road
  15. "Free (feat. Emeili Sandè)" - Rudimental
  16. "Grow Till Tall" - Jònsi

Listen for free: Spotify | Rdio

ALSO AVAILABLE: Cleopatra in Space: Target Practice Soundtrack
Tomorrow is MegaCon in Orlando! I'll be there once again tabling in Artist Alley section White 7 (same as always). Here is a map to help you find me.


Always so much fun at this show. I've been going for 8? 9? years now? Hope to see a lot of old and new friends!
This weekend only! Superhero (including my Batgirl/Supergirl comics) and Adventure Time prints are back in my store! These are normally only available at conventions.

Make sure to enter code HOLIDAY2014 during checkout to get 20% off your entire order. Sale ends Dec 1st, 11:59PM EST. Thank you so much for all of your love and support this year!

Enter the Cow Shell Graphics Store

There's been a sudden onslaught of clamor for them lately, so I've decided to offer all of my Batgirl Supergirl prints online for ONE WEEK ONLY. All are professionally printed on 11x14 gloss stock and $10 each. For the first time ever, I'm also offering a special print bundle price of $60 for all eight.

If you've been holding out, now is the time to get these! They might be available online again the first weekend after Thanksgiving, but no promises.

Shop here (remember using code DA-20 at checkout gets you 20% off)

Baltimore Comic-Con is this weekend (for the first time 3 days, Fri-Sun), and I'll once again be sitting with all the awesome folks at the Kids Love Comics pavilion. Mark Mariano has put together this excellent guide to everything you need to know about where that is, what is going on there, and who else will be there. Definitely check it out. 

Also here's a Floor Map

Cleo books will be on hand, as well as prints (including my latest Batgirl/Supergirl comic), and I'll be doing some watercolor sketching again. Can't wait!

The Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! kickstarter ends tomorrow! Not unreasonable to see this project hit 200% of its goal. Also, some FREE PDF coloring pages are already listed in the updates. If you haven't already, please help spread the word. Thanks!

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this news: CLEOPATRA IN SPACE #1: TARGET PRACTICE is now available in eBook format! Below are links for all the available devices. Would be awesome to see Cleo be a bestseller for any one of them.



I'm told the book is also available for Kobo but I don't see a link for it yet. Will edit this post when I do.