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Supergirl Batgirl Comic

By mikemaihack
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A little 6-panel SUPERGIRL/BATGIRL comic. For fun. And because I love the characters. And Because Nate Cosby wouldn’t stop bugging me until I drew one.

Maybe a page that can go underneath this:


Anyhow, I also wrote a bit of my thoughts on Babs, Kara, and this comic on my blog: [link]

2, 3, and 4:

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GhostShell5's avatar

This is adorable, nobody likes a show off Kara.

HyugaBlood88's avatar
Panel 4's my fav costume
Ziggyman's avatar
I just read about  the new Supergirl series and remember this strip. 
NicWaterfill's avatar
I actually like the costume in panel 3
AlleycatCY's avatar
Hilarious that Supergirl did all that in a span of a few seconds or minutes.
On2XSecretProbation's avatar
Pretty cute and funny!
RikmosaArtist's avatar
Then Joker torture both to death
jade-island-lives's avatar
First off, love your style! I also love how you capture Bab's and Kara's personality, it's harder than it looks XD With a little hard work and some huge dedication, you could legit work for DC ^^
AndyofIndiana's avatar
The title character of Star vs. The Forces of Evil doesn't wear the same outfit from day to day.  Perhaps Supergirl could have a diverse wardrobe.  Or maybe she does in her live action TV show and I'm just not noticing it. 
That is funny as hell.
ArkFrost27's avatar
Funny and cute^^.
Geoxaga's avatar
Favorite costume was middle to the left.
hedgepaw's avatar
she wears Ravens costume at one point lol.
Werewolf-Korra's avatar
Someone get that girl some Kryptonite laced Ritalin! 

:iconriddlerplz: :iconsaysplz: Don't you mean... Riddle-in!

Arrowman64's avatar
I agree, fuck you Nigma!!
He stole all my peanut butter!!
she's scary fast.  :)

c'mon, let Batgirl narrate.

most enjoyable!
shadamy20's avatar
TheCopyUniverseTCU's avatar
Ah, the power of Quick Change. I wish I could do that.
devilx23's avatar
I am overpleased
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