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Steampunk Librarian

By mikemaihack
Same client that wanted this piece done:

This time they wanted a Victorian librarian that could assist is all of their steampunk adventuring.
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Lovely. At first I thought it was something League of Extraordinary Gentlemen related. The colour scheme really reminds me of it's covers.
My wife would love this for her office. Can we get a print or a larger download to make a print?
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I think I sent you a note? Can't due to this being a freelance gig. Sorry about that!
alright i understand
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I love the comic book style of the bookshelves. It reminds me of the (mostly) Flemish comics I grew up. The lady herself looks like she could assist with lotsa things in adventures, like solving puzzles and mysteries, charming rogues and villains, probably outsmart any other member of her company. She looks like she's trying to read something interesting and the men are calling her. "Oh, now what?"

...And I wish I could sew really well so that I could make that outfit! I know nothing about her but I feel like she and I would be great friends ♥
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nice I need to work on my steam punk comic and need good character ideas.
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the more gears the better i think. ;)
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Not really into steampunk but I cannot begin to ignore the fact of how stunning this looks :salute:
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she's very cute and i love the other picture as well.
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thanks so much!
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such a stunning drawing :)
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Such a pretty dress! I love all the details in the background!
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