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Rocking Out

Character  Supergirl
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Excellent work on this! Must fave.

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Very nice indeed. TFS.

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Love the setting, the mood, the lines, the wonderful.

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SuperGirl is usually Miss Bubbly Sunshine, but I'm sure she has times when she feels completely isolated. She really has very few peers on Earth; we're literally aliens to her... she literally has no friends with whom she can share herself without reservation.

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I thought about that myself. Unlike her cousin Kal, she actually *remembers* Krypton. She's permanently trapped in a backward foreign country and that's before we consider the cheery thought of knowing that all her home, friends and family (besides Kal) are gone.

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Streaky snoozing... awwww :love:

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I wonder what Kara is thinking at the moment.

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I just get this feeling of loneliness when I see this picture. Like Kara feels alone even with Kal and Sparkly in her life.
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