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Ice Cream is Super and Wonderful

By mikemaihack
Finished my painting for the HeroesCon auction at the Westin Sat night! Acrylic on canvas. 12x24. I swear, it's like they add these ice cream scenes in the shows/movies just for me.

Hope it goes to a lovely home. :) 
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Very clever and very well done. Bravo!
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Oh my goodness I can just imagine this happening and it's beautiful!
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That is awesome.
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You should be very proud.
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"My show's doing good. How's your movie?"

"There is talk of a sequel."

"Oh Goodie!"


"Oh Rao, YES."
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Lol Wonder Woman looks so majestic and beautiful
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I like how Supergirl isn't actually sitting in her chair.

Wonder Woman look like an adult (a rarity with you).  It's as if she took her niece Kara out for ice cream.
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This is great. I teared up a little actually. The expressions are delightful. The colors are bright and vibrant. I'm sad I can't buy a print.
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Aw thanks. And sorry. Maybe I'll redraw it sometime for print reasons.
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It's good, but wouldn't it have made more sense to use Wondergirl? She and Kara do have a friendship.
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It's due to both the Supergirl show and WW movie having awesome ice cream moments. :)
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Okay. I can take that.
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