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Commission for GLaDOS, from that Portal game the kids are always talking about.
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"It's been a long time, you Monster." Awesome Job.

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"You're not a good person. You know that, right?
Good people don't end up here.
Can you hear me?"
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duuuude take this (^-^)/ 1000000000000000$
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Haha. Yay thanks!
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Oh yes! Lovely work!
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OMG... I don't know which GLaDOS to love now, yours or the original
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hah! well mine is just fan art of the original so the same really. ;)
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Woah, killer work on all the robotic details! Did you reference a specific pic or just develop your won kind of construction for the character?
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I found 4-5 pics of the internet to use and watched some video of her. I had to make up a few bits though cause the images were so dark. :P
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She gets turned into a potato by one of her morality cores in the 2nd game. XD
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Ahh. THAT explains the potato comments.
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yep, but there's more to it, so if you wanna know the rest you should play cause it is fun. (tis a puzzle game by the way) Enjoy! :)
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man- i would given the time. no time for vid games these days. :P
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well if you're able to get a weekend to yourself one day do try it out, it is very fun. If nothing else there are plenty of game information sites out there to fill you in on what happens. A lot of the fans are asking for a third one to the series currently.
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This is looking super cool! :O
Is GLaDOS a lot easier to draw than she looks? 'Cause so many people draw her super well!
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