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Character  Death

Started rereading The Sandman this week so felt like drawing Death of the Endless.

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Um, yes please! Dude, I would PAY this girl to step on me, the curse of being a lesbian...

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Why must this happen to us?!

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It's the curse! the curse of being a lesbian is upon us.

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Yes, I suppose it is.

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Raven was Here...
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The audiobook that recently released is very well done.

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Very well done! :) :heart:

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A very cute Death...

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I always thought that if DC Films wanted to dip their toes into the "Vertigo" and more mature stories...."Death: The Time of Your Life" would be the way to go. A wonderful character like Death/ Dee Dee going about NYC with her little adventure. It could be done so simply. And the end credits could have Death sitting on the edge of the fountain and coming from just outside of view an edge of a cloak with flames on it. Smiling she turns and says, "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and thus introducing Dream to the DC movies.

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There was a DC animated movie about Death recently, but it was more of an introductory story that didn't really go farther and just passively references the other Endless.

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I saw was beautiful.

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The last friend you'll ever meet.

Please tell us this'll be in your shop as a print?

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Maybe for Christmas

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I LOVE The Sandman comics!! Death and Dream are definitely my favorite Eternals.
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I like the inscription - if Google Translate is REMOTELY accurate, I read it as "If you sometimes fall - fly".

I love renditions of DeeDee. If there's an afterlife and an actual Death that meets me, I want it to be her. I'd probably ask some questions she'd never be able to answer because my brain would explode, but ... if I knew she was waiting to collect me, I'd be a lot calmer about the process.

"So, is it true about the Shma? Will I see Heaven?"

"Well, Harry, nows when you find out."

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if you fall

you fly

And yes to all of that.

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ZOMG. This Death is one of my all-time favourite characters :love:

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