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Character  She-Hulk

Felt like drawing She-Hulk.

She’s also available as a timed-print until 6/1/20 for those interested in that stuff.…

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The jogging shorts add a new dimension and it makes me think Jen was out for like a run or something when an emergency required She-Hulk intervention. Plus it adds cuteness, too.

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Not to be that guy, but what really bugs me about this image is not the content itself. I love a She Hulk strength feat as much as anyone. No, what bugs me is where she's holding the vehicle. The center of gravity would make the feat impossible, consider how off center it is. The vehicle would tip over the moment she started lifting it where her hand is.

It no longer becomes a matter of strength, but rather a matter of balance.

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Love the casual pose! Good job!

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She’s a beautiful, strong green lady
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Marvelously sexy.

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Very impressive brakes on that truck that the wheels don’t just spin. 😜

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Haha. I know I know. :)

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Made to last forever! :love:

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They don't build 'em like this anymore.

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I loved her outfit during Charles Soule's all too brief run on She-Hulk. And how about that twist at the end of the book with the truth about that Spawn rip-off character? Talk about your strokes of mad genius!

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I'm honestly not familiar with that run. Haven't read any She-Hulk since Dan Slott write her.

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Well I guess the upside of being cancelled after 12 issues is that you only need to track down one to two volumes in trades. Charles Soule was originally going to be a lawyer and had got as far as grad school on that major before he found his true calling was writing, so when he writes for She-Hulk or Daredevil, whenever he is writing for a legal case his understanding of the court system makes Dan Slott's court scenes look like something out of mediocre legal drama (no hard feelings Dan, you're a terrific writer, even if in public you can be a bit of an abrasive jerk).

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Very cool love it.

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Just another typical day for She-Hulk. ;)

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This is perfect dude.

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She-Hulk setting a new high mark for cute.

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