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Batgirl (of Burnside) Supergirl Comic

No one is more excited about Batgirl's new costume than Kara.

For those interested, the original art for this is available here:…

Supergirl Batgirl Comic by mikemaihack Supergirl Batgirl Comic 2 by mikemaihack Merry Christmas from Batgirl and Supergirl by mikemaihack  Happy Halloween from Batgirl and Supergirl by mikemaihack Another Merry Christmas from Batgirl and Supergirl by mikemaihack Batgirl and Red Lantern Supergirl Comic by mikemaihack
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Supergirl looks so cute. She looks like Daphne from Pup Named Scooby-Doo.

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Ah Batgirl ever the Straight Girl.

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The Burnside Batgirl costume is the ugliest thing she ever ware! I'm glad they've changed it in the comic books now.
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It's young hype Supergirl, Harley. Just roll with it...
CharlestheComicArtis's avatar
you mean to tell me Harley was just mindin her own busy causing mayhem when all of a sudden
Fuckin SUPAH Gurl Swoops in 
Strips naked harley
Stiffs her in a new costume
tHEN TURBULANTLY Bolted back to Barb

all in two panels

we need to put tat blondie on some super Ritalin 
cus she got no impulse control
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Cute comic.

For some reason, I could see Supergirl's "Burnside" costume being in the Golden Age era.
Caesar9999's avatar
But isn't her new costume supposed to be more practical or younger looking?
ShinRider's avatar
I wish have a comic book like that.
cute and I agree with Harley!!
GreatWyrmGold's avatar
Why is Batgirl even trying to fight crime? Supergirl is going to just catch the criminals by herself or foil all of her efforts. Or both, more likely.
mikemaihack's avatar
She's determined. Or bored. One of the two.
MoShaol's avatar
she full with determination :D (Big Grin) 

             Five Nights at Freddy's 2 - New Foxy Icon 
DC-Knight's avatar
The "Oh. My. Zod." line made me chuckle
Lion-O-VS-He-Man's avatar
Hilarious and adorable at the same time. You do great work man. 
kite11's avatar
well that made me laugh
flight25's avatar
Lol keep these rolling please
chill13's avatar
I've been reading these and they make me laugh so hard!!  If these two had their own comic book I'd buy it in a heartbeat.  All fun--no gore.  Supergirl is HILARIOUS.  You know she doesn't need superpowers to defeat the bad guys.  She can just confused them into a stupor and walk the to the police. Batgirl is great too.  Unbelievably tolerant of her bubbly friend.  Every team has to have a rational one.  
Toku-Nakadachi's avatar
I laughed my ass off at this. It was hilarious. That said, it kind of looks like the arm around Batgirl's shoulders in the final panel is disconnected from Supergirl, slightly weird anatomy there that I can't unsee.
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This pleases me
Dthorin's avatar
...i would actually be highly amused if this happened, im sure Harley would love the uniform too XD they need a short spin off just having a girls night out. 
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These comic strips are great! Well written, hilarious, wonderfully drawn, and the contrast between the overexcited Supergirl and the more grounded Batgirl makes for all sorts of funny situations! Extra points for the confused Harley in the ending! Way to go!
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