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Ahsoka Tano

Character  Ahsoka Tano
Drew some Ashoka Tano fan art last night. Can't wait for her on The Mandalorian!
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That is a majestic Ahsoka!
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Favorite Star Wars character.
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I love the pose and the lineart on this!  Don't know if you noticed, but it looks like she has two tails in the back of her head instead of one.
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:love: well done, her announced addition to the Mandalorian was a surprise to me, I was under the impression it was post movies... seems not
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One of my new favorite characters (I only recently got caught up on The Clone Wars) in your signature style is something I didn't realized I needed in my life. Breathtaking work!
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So she appears in 'The Mandalorian'?  And this was before Rebels?
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Very good job :la:
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She grew up to become an awesome Jedi!

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one of the many founders of the Rebellion

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I'm not even a Star Wars fan but I had to fave this. Looks great. 
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Not confimed yet, but fingers crossed.
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That's one of the best looking Ahsoka fan art I have ever seen and hopefully Rosario Dawson can pull the role off when season 2 premieres. :)
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Where was she during the Sequel Trilogy? Her voice being heard in Rise of Skywalker made people think she was dead considering everyone else who spoke to her also kicked the bucket, but Dave Filoni said that might not be the case. That begs the question, where was she while Luke was building a new order that collapsed because someone thought the way you follow up Return of the to basically go back to square one.

That Mandalorian Season 2 hopefully give an answer. At least something.

Good art by the way.

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Beautiful style
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Great image.
I have not watch Mandalorian by now as Disney+ is not available in Austria as far as i know.
But the actress seems well chosen and capable, i also think they went with her because her skin tone might make the job for the make-up artist easier.
We will see.
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