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I'm running out of steam with these superhero portraits, but I wanted to make sure I got Batman in there. He is my favorite fictional character hands down. I've loved the character and his world since I was a little kid. I've always been a Batman guy.
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reminds me of Alan Davis' design good job
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you're welcome
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Nice swishy cape action! Who doesn't love Batman?
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awesome! batman is the king!
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Hell yeah! Thanks.
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Man, this is the most stylish art of Batman I've ever seen.
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Thanks, glad you like it.
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This is one of the greatest Batman drawings I've ever seen. You are an excellent artist.
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cool batman version =)
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duno it have something special
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Right ON!!!! :) This is just choice!! :) I can understand about you running out of steam with these. Even when fun it can sometimes lose it's freshness and you just feel like taking a break and doing something else for a while right?

It's very cool that you included Batman before your break from this though. While, I love a lot of the various heroes and heroines, Batman is my hands down favorite!! :)
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Thanks, I thought he turned out pretty well myself.
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You're welcome!! :) Thanks for creating it!! :)
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