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Manga Fighting Pose: Punching Fists

By MikeKoizumi
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Drawing I did for recent YouTube video based on previous sketch study. You can see the video here:


There are some things that I like about the study but overall I'm happy with the result.
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MP620 series
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This sketch helped me too.. Thank u so much..☺️✌🏻

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Cool and Nice ,and i drew this from you thanks a lot !! :D :| (Blank Stare) :D (Big Grin) :) (Smile) 
It's very good. I think that do a manga with fight theme. I want to use this as a base for my main person. Can I use this as a base? :)
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I really like your style!  awesome
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May I use the pose ?
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do you mind if I use the pose for an art work im drawing? you will get credit!!!
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i saw your video and it was amazing :D helped me a lot it my drawing that i do 
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cool bro!!!!!!!!
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Omg can I use this as a reference?
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That video helped a lot :D
what i created with the help of your awesome video :D
--> [link] <--
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i remember this tutorial!!!!!! this was the first one i watched awesome!!!
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I finally found ur DA account! Well for all my youtube artist gurus i wait until i unexpectedly come across their drawings on DA then i watch them.
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ooohh i first saw your video on youtube then i dound out you had a da account now im watching you and drooling over your work just like any other person :meow:
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its alot of help, thankss!!
it is so good! you're better than I in manga....;)
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Happened to come across your video on youtube by chance. After watching it, I immediately subscribed and watched your other two most recent videos. You’re very talented, and I was glad to see you have a dA account. So now I am here, watching and commenting on you. x3

I really like this. It's very ... Karate-esque.
And I'm in no position to say something like this to you ... but his shoulder right shoulder bothers me. >//<; It's a bit too rounded... I know I don't like it when I think something is right and someone (much less skilled than me) tells me it's not. >> So don't take it into offense. It could just be my personal preference. ^^;


I'd very much like to see the dynamic fighting pose and fireball stance here. ^^
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thanks for making thet video on youtube it have helpt me alot with my practice
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i caught this on youtube and saw your link here. So i thought i'd pay a visit. I love the belt design. =)
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original style you got there :)
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