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Art Trade-ADeadKing Aliva
A art trade with :iconadeadking: of her spider character Aliva. Mainly I wanted to do something inspired from the 1980s movie the karate Kid since her backstory has her knowing marital arts from her mother.

Sorry it took a bit. was busy. Plus I really need to get back into drawing x_x;
Eggman Empire Egg Army force Adopt

I wanted to try something else here. Mainly this adopt is not of one particular character, but an entire Eggman Empire army. This is a paypal only buy and you not only get the no-watermark version, but also some reference sheets for the uniforms, the egg pawn, and the boss herself.

The price is 30 USD for the entire group along with a back story.

What you can do when you buy

    ·         Can edit the designs as long as it doesn’t go completely overboard

    ·         Can modify the backstory of this Egg Army to better mesh with your stories/ characters

    ·         Can edit the backstory of the Egg Boss

    ·         Can change the name of the soldier types, Egg Boss Name, and the army name

Here is the information of the group.

Eggman Empire 47th Incinerators

BIO: Hailing from the continent of Efrika the Incinerators were founded by smaller countries that felt they were neglected by the United Federation due to decades of civil unrest and conflicts. The group was founded by what’s left of the local army of the small country of Askuaca. Armed with only flamethrowers, heavily modified armored motorcycles, and leftover armaments in the Askuaca Armory they quell the civil unrest at the cost of forty percent of the populace and founding Nuwe Askuaca in the ashes of the 6 small nations.

Over the next decade the Incinerators place a new government in order to prevent future conflicts and the citizens that survived would slowly and surely join their cause due to the time of peace and providing security. During the time that’s when the Eggman Empire moved in and after 6 months of negotiation a compromise was reached. The new country of Nuwe Askuaca will serve the Empire and in return of providing technology and resources along with still being an independent nation (although under the banner of the empire)

The Incinerator combat doctrine is hit-and-run tactics preferring stealth and speed over raw power. These tactics were heavily utilized in the unification war and over the years they continue to use this doctrine. There fighting force comprises the C-56 Attack Motorcycles (a small armored bike with a Laser gun and a rocket pod), the K-87 Combat Buggies (armed with a machine gun), FV101 Scorpion light tanks, and a G6 Rhino self-propelled Howitzers. With the introduction of Empire technology into their army new vehicles are being developed along with this faction’s use of Optical Camouflage to make their soldiers and vehicles nearly invisible to the naked eye.
The incinerators heavily use Flame based and explosive weaponry as their main weapon of choice, but has also incorporated eggman empire standard laser weapons to their arsenal.

The following information was recovered by a G.U.N. recon division of following units and Egg Boss.

Trooper: The standard soldier of the Incinerators armed with a Mark 5 flamethrower the Trooper flame thrower liquid composition can melt armor and incinerate soldiers, Although the downside is the range of the weapon. To protect the trooper from the flames and small arms fire as heavy armored suit with an under body soft armor was developed allowing the trooper to get in range and use its deadly flames.

Rocket Trooper: Due to the lack of tanks during the unification war the Rocket Trooper was widely used to destroy enemy armor divisions. With the eggman Empire’s technology the rocket trooper’s rocket launcher was upgraded allowing for different payloads. From a napalm rocket for anti-infantry to a high explosive anti-armor rocket. Rocket troopers can also be equipped with the empire’s new Ghost light cruise missile launcher with remote control and heat seeking missiles for anti-air defense.

Egg Pawn Ruiter: A custom variant of the Egg Pawns used by the empire. These robots heavy been heavily modified from their counterparts with extra armor to protect their exposed joints along with Dustproof Fabrics to project the servos from the Efrikan environment. The Egg Pawn’s Right arm is replaced with a Beam cannon effective against ground type enemies, the left shoulder deploys optic camo pods to cloak the machine in combat. The downside of the optic camo system is due to the energy output of the beam cannon it must uncloak in order to use the weapon.

Egg Boss: The leader of the Incinerators is the Daughter of the Leader of the Incinerators during the Unification War. Like her father this mistress is highly intelligent and cunning. Mainly using her charisma in order to convince others before using more aggressive means to achieve her goals. When interrogating a prisoner of war, she uses that charisma to try to manipulation and control the person in order to tell their secrets. Her wings have been replaced with cybernetic ones along with neural interfaces in the back of her neck allowing her to explore cyberspace and hack into computer networks or even control robots using only her mind.

Nyinda Mobian
I been doing art still. just haven't done much of it when I been working at my new job. Anyway this is a character i'm working on that will not only be Mike Murdock's best friend ,but also she is a marksman for the resistance against the eggman empire. Will write a full bio when I am able to write it down.


 Asked me to do one of these so I shall. The character in question she asked for is Lucia.

-AT- MikeJMurdock by ultimatewino
Art done by ultimatewino

Also da rules.

1.Post these rules
2. Post 8 random facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other creators.
4. Post their OCs name along with their creators name/avatar.

Anyway for the Facts.

FACT 1: Lucia's Cybernetics are 60% of her Head, Feet, shins, knees, Hands, Arms, eyes, and elbows externally. Internally however is the Heart , Lungs, a secondary Heart, and Kidneys.

Fact 2: The illness her dad had was inspired by the Sega Saturn Japanese JRPG game Cyber Doll (the game's premise was humanity was contracting Muscular Loosening Disease with destroys the muscular system and the cure was removing the affected tissue and replace with cybernetics.) I liked the premise so much I decided to keep it to why Lucia's dad has it (Her Father's cybernetics is the right lung, left leg,  half of his torso, and Heart)

Fact 3: When not assassinating people or doing missions for the Empire or Lothar she does use her abilities to tend to Duke Lothar's Garden inside the castle. She does have a knack for gardening, but the only ones that know about it is Lothar and his right hand woman Cermina.

Fact 4: She does have a log on her Tablet about every empire soldier she worked with (which she deliberately keeps it off the eggnet) . much of it is Opinion some being positive while others .... let's just say if she didn't have to work with them she would of ended them. although a extremely negative opinion is rare.

Fact 5: She usually goes to Lothar's personal cybernetic engineers for check ups and maintenance. Even working for the empire she doesn't trust any that have are very close to the Doctor. especially certain egg bosses.

Fact 6:  Lucia has a Cousin which he lives in the United Federation territory and works a civilian job within the government (He's a System's Administrator on a G.U.N air base). To this day he doesn't know Lucia is working for the empire due to her alias.

Fact 7: Lucia's real name is Fēi Shēn. However she Use the name Lucia from a Egg Private she was fast friends with before they were killed by being stomped on by a G.U.N. Laser Hunter unit. When she was reborn as a cyborg she decided to take the name to honor the private.

Fact 8: On the United Federation wanted list She is listed as a Class X threat (threats in the wanted list go from  E [which local police can handle], C[GUN requested], B[GUN soldiers only], A[GUN Division needed], X[do not engage without Spider Troupe special forces], YX[Spider troupe with fleet access], and Z[All hands on deck]. She has fought a few times with Spider Troupe which she feels there a even match for her.

as for the people to tag.

ultimatewino since I drew G.U.N.N.E.R. I want to know more about him
:iconjackman757: give me some info on Jackson.
:iconhunterzkar98: blade facts. now
Storm-Werks I know of your other character. now give me info about Jean
Strykeforce2005 would love to hear some facts about Otohime.
:iconsirburnout: I wanna hear some facts of the main man Gareth
Miss-Shiki-Scarlet I want to hear facts about the Barrister.
Freak-Ops a bit cheating here ,but 8 facts about the lovely marshmellow head people the Mezvaraans


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