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Remodeling of Parents Kitchen

By MikeJensen
Hey guys,

Here's a render of my parents kitchen. They wanted to remodel it, so I came up with a design. I don't really think they like it, because it is to contemporary for them! haha, oh well. I learned a lot doing this. It's pretty much finished. I would like to do more, but it's time to move on! :)

It's my first architectural visualization image, so it was a great learning experience, even if my parents would rather go for aged wood ancient looking kitchen. I modeled everything in 3dsMax, and rendered everything in V-Ray. Did some post touch-ups in Photoshop. Anyways, Hope you like it!
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I love the color.🍇 and gentle light. Pretty kitchen 🍐
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very very nice, render time? modeling/texturing time?
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this is beautiful! what kind of software do you use?
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can I use this or your designs for my website,
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Wow wow WOW!!!
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Im trying to learn something like this :D
MikeJensen's avatar
Haha keep working at it and you will do great =)
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I...want that kitchen.
MikeJensen's avatar
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Admittedly I have a feeling that if I DID have that kitchen, that marble table would fucking RUIN my arms. I'd bump into those sharp corners all the time.
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lol yeah these table tops are unforgiving huh? Might as well be a morning star on the corners =P
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That is awesome! :faint: Fantastic work! :clap:
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Thanks a ton! I love your render of the chairs next to the cliff and ocean. Definitely a place I'd like to drain a few glasses. =)
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Very welcome, and thank you! :iconcheers2plz:
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that's absolutely wonderful!!!!!! :omg: I've spent lots of time using Vray but never learned how to get such a clear result! :(
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Haha thanks! Yes vray was difficult to learn I think. Just tons of tinkering will get you results!
So real.
How long did this take you?
And what program did you use to render this?
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Thanks man! It took me a few months and i rendered in vray =)
Cool. Is vray free?
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... they like green
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Lol no they don't T_T. Once they actually remodeled it they did everything with oak =(((. They don't like uber-modern =( haha <3
Panda1345's avatar
XDXDXD Ouch! XDXDXD Alright hahahah
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