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April 12, 2011
Heavy Mech Final Render by ~MikeJensen is a stunning work in every detail...
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Heavy Mech Final Render



Hey guys,

So recently I've been working on an eat3d tutorial teaching people how to get hard surface results similar to that of a traditional 3d package. It was just released so I figured I'd upload it.

You can find the tutorial here:


The tutorial covers a bit of the concepting, reworking, sculpting the final model, rendering with Vray, and compositing in Photoshop.

As for the design, I was very inspired by the Marine and the Firebat from Starcraft 2. I enjoyed that game a lot and loved the designs so i wanted to achieve something similar. Also I was trying to focus on maneuverability of the character it self. I wanted to create a mech that would have as little self collision as possible.

The programs I used for this were:

Zbrush - For the model and sculpting
3ds max with Vray - For rendering passes
Photoshop - For compositing

Also the DVD covers a bit of compositing to show you the basics of how to achieve a final image like this.

Anyways, please enjoy and I hope you like it!

Edit: Daily Deviation!!! Oh my god thank you so much to ^artofkerem for featuring it!!! Thanks to all those who favorited and commented on it. It means so much to me =). I'll reply to the comments when I get a moment.THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
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Woah, that's pretty cool!