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Harry's New Friend

By mikeInside
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Something beautiful and hidden, mysterious and bright...

Fan art for Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality.
The story is set in an alternate universe where Harry is on the path to becoming a brilliant scientist... then discovers magic is real and he is a wizard. Well worth a read.

The full-sized image is large enough to fit most desktop backgrounds, feel free to download it for personal use.

This is only the second time I've tried to draw and colour something in photoshop, so constructive criticism is welcomed. But comments of any sort are nice :)

Thanks to *dinosaurusgede for a bit of inspiration on what the characters should look like.
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This is really cool. I'm totally imagining Harry's patronus to look like Dr. Manhattan from the Watchmen now.
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I may be failing to remember the right scene, but who's the person on the right?
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I am using ancient means to resurrect your comment from ages past.

I believe it's Draco, Harry's partner in crime.
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I must have been reaaally tired not to realize that.
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This is awesome, MikeInside! good work!
I love the way you draw everything, especially the night sky & the patronus, very beautiful.
I think you did great with using photoshop. Heck, I can't even operate a photoshop myself!
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