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2009: Missing Halloween's story was created. Discontinued.
2010: Attempted to rework in 3D. Failed. Discontinued.
2013: Revived and started the animation production. Didn't reach Halloween. Hiatus.
2014: Resumed and held a contest. Didn't reach Halloween. Hiatus.
2015: Resumed. Missing Halloween didn't miss Halloween!

For the past month, me and Negyek were hard at work, day and night, to finish Missing Halloween. Later on, Procrastacat and VenBright were hired to give various voices for the ending scene. All of these are, of course, paid jobs, thanks to my Patreon supporters.
By November 29, the animation is officially done. All 8+ minutes of it.
This would have been impossible without the help of these awesome people. (Negyek, Procrastacat, VenBright, Negyek, my Patreon supporters, Negyek, even the contest winners! And also, Negyek. She helped me so much in this project.)

After so many years of me getting worried every time Halloween approaches, it's finally done and published for everyone to enjoy! (I do hope everyone enjoyed Missing Halloween~)

To all my fans, thank you for watching, and thank you for being so patient with me!

And lastly:

Happy Halloween!

It's been really busy for me for the past month.

After the success of "What if Gravity Falls was an anime", I made another one which was longer and more insane than the previous:

But I wasn't able to finish it without the huge support of my fans over on Patreon!
The huge surprise is that the creator of The Amazing World of Gumball, Ben Bocquelet, retweeted my fan animation!
And I'm so happy that it reached and featured on Cartoon Brew, a site I watch to check for news about cartoons and animations.
Not only that, the number of my Patrons doubled since the release of the animation!

Thank you everyone for your love and support!

After the rushing job with TAWOG anime, I wasn't able to take much break and had to help my sis mogumogumogu with finishing her manga/comic:
(The deadline was really small, which was the Komikon Baguio, a local comic convention event in our place.)


Now that the event is done, I'd like to share a private message that was given to me years ago:

"Just wanted to let you know I love your work. I'm also a combination 2d/3d guy who's bent on making films and whatever I can in whatever unique ways will allow me.
I've been meaning to message you just to say I hope you keep going with where your going."

It was November 9, 2009.
By Monty Oum.

If I remember correctly, I screamed like a fangirl when I got the message. I was a fan of his "Dead Fantasy" works during that time.
But I wasn't able to reply in time, so I lost the opportunity to have a chat with him.

And I'll never have that opportunity anymore.

Monty Oum, you're a huge inspiration to many people around the world. Even now, it still hurts me to discover your death at a young age of 33.
My condolence to his family and to everyone who loves him.

You will be greatly missed.

Ring Fragment tells the story of Lapu-Lapu, the first national hero of the Philippines who defended the Philippine island Mactan from the conquering enemy Magellan. Was that really Magellan's intention? Or was he after an artifact that can change the fates of not only Lapu-Lapu's, but also the fates of the other national heroes?

Find out more in Chapter 1, available only at Komikon Baguio. (February 7,2015 at Baguio City, Philippines)

I'm proud to announce my sister's manga! Especially that I helped around as her assistant~
However, there are no plans of international or digital release. We're still indie, after all, and we can only sell them at Komikon Baguio this coming Saturday.
I will be attending the convention too, of course!

It's finally up now! Give your support if you like~!

I'm still finishing my commission reservation list at the moment though, so there are little updates in my Patreon page for now.

But soon it will be updated with more PSD files and concept artworks of the current project I'm working on, which is "What if The Amazing World of Gumball was an Anime"
It's been months since the last time I made a journal of my updates.

Not much happened, but the most notable one is the success of the animation I made:

It reached to many places of the internet: Smosh, io9, Dorkly, even Doug Walker of Nostalgia Critic shared it in his Facebook.

Thank you everyone for loving this video!

In response, I'm making another one! And from the deviations and tumbr posts that i've been making, I'm sure everyone had already guessed it:
It's "What if The Amazing World of Gumball was an Anime?"

Right now, it's around halfway done. But finance kept me slow from finishing this small animation.
Some people advised me to go for "that" as a solution.
After a lot of mental battle between my 'goody-two-shoes' me and my 'face-the-reality' me, I finally gave in and am going for "that".

"That", of course, is Patreon.

I'm still finalizing it as I write this journal.
But to be honest, I'm not really confident that mine will become a success like the other popular artists out there. I can't provide many artworks, but instead, can work on small animations that take months.
So my rewards for the patrons are behind-the-scenes and work-in-progress footage/screenshots, even concept artworks and designs. Including PSD files of the animation clips themselves. (In half-resolution)
And of course, inclusion to the credits when the animation is done.

For years now, I normally share my WIP deviations and tumblr posts every now and then.
The sad news is, I have to limit all those now and share these exclusively to my Patrons only.
But the good news is, I'll be more frequent in sharing these compared to how I used to. (But exclusive to Patrons)

But don't worry, when the animation is done, the animation will still be distributed free for everyone to watch!!!

So what happened to Missing Halloween?
It's on hold at the moment until I get things sparkly clean again, from clearing my list of commission reservations, to securing my financial status, to finishing the current animation.
So to fans out there, especially to those who contributed to character designing, please remain patient. ; u ; / It will be worked on after the Gumball animation, in hopes I'll have enough funds again to hire IB artists and VAs.

That's all for now.
Thank you for reading, and advance Happy Holidays!



In August 21, "Your character in Missing Halloween!" mini-contest was announce.
In September 1, a total of 313 character designs were submitted. Judging has begun.

As the judge, there were 313 submissions, and only 32 to choose from. Trust me, it was haaaarrd! It still pains me that so many great designs didn't get in. (It's just that many) But I still did my best to judge them carefully.

So here goes, the results!!!


As mentioned, there will be 5 characters who will be featured as candy givers! (And their owners to be in the credits as "Additional Character Design")

And here they are!!!

:iconandrea4you: Andrea4You's character: Akai
AT Andrea4You / Akai by Nyugu

:iconskunkyfly: Skunkyfly's character: Amber
::WJB:: Big Sist Sheet by Skunkyfly

:iconshiroxix: ShiroXIX's character: Pydur
Pydur by ShiroXIX

:iconinkstainkat15: inkstainkat15's character
Missing Halloween Character Submission by inkstainkat15

:iconnaughtykittydv-1992: NaughtyKittyDV-1992's character: Mary (Marion)
Marion and Mary (or Gas Mask Maid) by NaughtyKittyDV-1992

Curious of how they will look like in the animation? Here are some screenshots:
Missing Halloween: Sample Screenshot (Akai) by Mikeinel
Missing Halloween: Sample Screenshot (Amber) by Mikeinel
Missing Halloween: Sample Screenshot (Pydur) by Mikeinel
Missing Halloween: Sample Screenshot (Him/Her) by Mikeinel
Missing Halloween: Sample Screenshot (Mary) by Mikeinel

Thank you and congratulations~!


While there are those top 5 characters to be featured as candy givers, there's also the crowd of kids to be seen in the background~ After checking through the scenes, there will be a total of 27 kids!
(And their owners will be credited under "Character Design Contribution")

And again, here they are!!!

:icon7thpalette:'s character: Dorothy

:iconfuzzybunnie-bun:'s character: Lampy

:iconceechansan:'s character: Clown Girl

:iconasgitariuosestis:'s character: Techno Dimno

:iconbirdy98:'s character: Adeline (younger)

:iconchuustar:'s character: Vivi

:iconmm-7:'s character: Shadow Master

:icongray-zakuro:'s character: Zombie Cat

:iconjackorjohn:'s character: Chester Freud

:iconkarusuzume:'s character: Ruru Manika

:iconkuron-kuragari:'s character: Amelia (S.H. Nurse)

:iconchachachare:'s character: Pumpkin-chan

:iconlittlecheese:'s character: Aimi

:icontree-kun:'s character: Shiro

:iconmclelun:'s character: Mr. Fragile

:iconcrowzperch:'s character: Komouri

:iconnevertoomuchdotsies:'s character: Dot

:iconomega-valeth-sama:'s character: Gregory

:iconrandon-thing:'s character: Superhero/Villain

:iconreymicx:'s character: Halloween Clown

:iconrezuri-dono:'s character: Trenton

:iconsen-elric:'s character: Mummy Kid

:iconshortpencil:'s character: RoseFe-Tan

:iconxaae:'s character

:iconsoloazume:'s character: Devil-witch Solo

:iconn-trace:'s character

:iconzwigie:'s character

Phew, that's A LOT of characters! Congratulations and thank you~!
Curious again of how they'll look like? Especially that they're in the crowd?
These kiddies will be distributed throughout the animation, in the background. Some are small, some are walking, some are partially hidden, but one thing's for sure: they're there!
Here are some screenshots of how they will look like:
Missing Halloween: Sample Screenshot by Mikeinel
Missing Halloween: Sample Screenshot by Mikeinel
Missing Halloween: Sample Screenshot by Mikeinel
Missing Halloween: Sample Screenshot by Mikeinel


That's right, there's still a month and a half to get this animation finished, and there may be a few adjustments to be made during the production.
This includes the submitted characters as well.

Who knows, I might need more kids in the crowd, or relocate some that were already in the sample screenshots, or maybe adjust the designs, or even change the age and role of the characters like kuron-kuragari and Momokoblu's characters.

It's hard to tell the outcome at this point. But rest assured, it's getting worked on!


I already said this so many times already, and I'll say it once again, thank you thank you thank you everyone!
Thank you for participating, and thank you for looking forward to this animation!

Thank you everyone!


The animation is already done! Watch it here!


Characters belong to their respective owners.


I'd like to thank everyone for the submissions! So many great designs in different genres!
I didn't know there will be this many who'd like to have their OCs join in the crowd~!
I mentioned in the previous journal entry that I will announce the submissions, but with this number of entries, I have to skip that part.


When I initially held this mini-contest, I figured only a few will join in, especially that there are no prizes to be given other than seeing their OCs drawn and animated.
But you guys proved me wrong! There are exactly 313 submissions here! IT'S INSANE! I love you guys! I can't believe people are this kind and willing to contribute~!
But every time I look through these submissions, I can't help but feel sadness instead.

From all 313 OCs, only 15+ will be picked.

This is terribly hard for me, and I can't simply put all characters in the animation. I don't think there's any way of having that many in the crowd: it'll make the animation less pleasurable to watch. (Not to mention the insane workload)

I hope everyone will understand that only 5% will receive the good news.


The judging has been started. And as the director, I'm carefully looking through all the designs to decide who among them will join in Missing Halloween.
This will take 2 weeks, as mentioned in the schedule. (September 1 to September 14)
During this time, I will be checking the designs not only through the artworks given, but on how they will look when redrawn. (As seen above)


Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! Thank you everyone for participating and contributing to this little animation~!
I'm working hard on finishing it, and I'm doing my best to get this done by Halloween! And now with this much contribution, I'm expecting the credit roll to be long~


Missing Halloween, an animation about two kids trick or treating, was previewed last year on Youtube:

However, the deadline was missed and was decided to remain its production on hold.
But not anymore, of course! Halloween is coming soon after all!


Are you looking forward to watching Missing Halloween?
Do you design your own characters?
Would you like to help with Missing Halloween's production?
Then this is your chance!!!

You can get your design featured in the animation Missing Halloween!


In the animation, there's a part of the story where it features locals in costume giving candies to the two main kids.
This is where you come in!
I decided that instead of randomly designing these people, I can give my fans the opportunity to have their designs featured in the animation!
And if there are too many designs contributed, I can use the others as kids who Trick or Treat in the background!


Submit your own original designed character to the director himself: Mikeinel via note here in DeviantArt. (Possibly with a subject title: "Missing Halloween Submission")
And get a chance to have your design, re-rendered into the animation's cute-and-cartoony art style, appear in Missing Halloween!


-It could be an existing design you created before, even long ago, or a new one you made specifically for this contest!
-Only one design can be submitted per artist.
-The character must be a regular human. (Added) He/she can have additional parts such as animal ears, tail, wings, etc.
-Of course, you should be the owner of the character design.
-The character should not directly be based on any other existing designs.
-No nudity, gore, or anything that can be found offensive to most people.


August 23 to August 31:
Accepting of designs.

September 1:
Announcement of the submitted character designs.

September 1 to September 14:
Judging, sorting, and possibly re-rendered into Missing Halloween's art style.

September 15:
Announcement of the designs to get in the animation!



The submissions will be judged and sorted by the director himself!

The top 5 best designs will have the following:
Their character will be featured as one of the young adults giving candies to the kids, fully animated!
Their name put in the credits as "Additional Character Design"

The next 10 (or more) best designs will have the following:
Their character will be featured as one of the many kids in the background, Trick or Treating!
Their name put in the credits under "Character Design Contribution"


In order for the character design to fit in the animation, your submission will have to be altered to accommodate the art-style and content, (Added) making the fantasy-like parts into costume. We're talking about kids in costumes, after all!
Example: Extended body parts such as animal ears, tail, wings, etc. will be redesigned into costume accessories.

Altering/redesigning will be done by the director himself.

Here are some visual examples:


By submitting your design to the project, you'll have to agree to the following:
-If your submission gets accepted to be featured in the animation, you will automatically give permission to let your design be used in the animation.
-(Added) The design you submitted still belongs to you, of course. You may use it to however you like for other purposes, it's your creation after all.
-The re-imagined design will be final and may not be edited when the animation is done.
-No additional rewards, payments, or requests can be made at any time, unless stated otherwise by the director.

-The schedule may possibly be changed at anytime by the director, depending on various situations. (I do hope it doesn't)


If ever you wish to submit a design, then let me just say this in advance: THANK YOU!!! Thank you for helping out on this project!
Missing Halloween may not be a masterpiece, but rest assured, it'll be longer than Draw with Me.
It will be released for free only on Youtube, in hopes that this will be my next animation that isn't an April Fools or job commission~
I hope people around the world will enjoy watching it when it's done!

To the people who have been reserved in my commission page, don't worry, you are not forgotten. But sadly, I have to give priority to other things at the moment. (And this could take months) Thank you for understanding.
On Going:
:iconxaessya: :iconl-rossfellow:

In Discussion:

:icona1su: :iconzarahemna:

Note me if you're interested!
Even if there are no open slots, you can let me know if you like to reserve for future slots.

I'm terribly sorry, but taking reservations is unavailable at the moment.


Previously Finished Commissions:
Commission: Icicleflower Icewind by Mikeinel Commission: Gaming Moment by Mikeinel Commission: Isaac by Mikeinel Commission: Keidan Kyuzazame by Mikeinel

The details

-25 USD (per character) for uncolored drawing (any views)
-30 USD (per character) for headshot, half-body views, or chibi style
-40 USD (per character) for more than half-body to full-body views
-50 USD (per character) for detailed character in any view
-Additional characters are priced the same as above
(I'll have to judge whether a commission belongs to which price range)
-Other additional details can be negotiated.

I can do personal (anime style) artworks. This includes the following:
-Original characters
-Nudity / Echhi
-Hentai / Adult content

However, I can NOT do the following:
-Painting coloring style
-Detailed background
-Too much characters in an artwork
-Furry/Anthro (Animal ears + tail are fine though)
-Real people portrayed in risque or offensively without his/her permission
-Offensive content (Attacking real people/group, Realistic violence, Morbidity, etc)
-Far from "normal" adult content (Pedophilia, Major body deformation, Bestiality, Pregnant, Gore, Vore, etc.)

What you will get:
-JPG format of the original size of the artwork. (Approximately 2000px in width/height or larger)
-PNG format with transparent background of the same original size artwork. (Only if applicable)
-PSD format in half the size of the artwork. (Only if requested)

What you can do with the artwork:
-Anything! Post it on your gallery online, offline, stare at it, print it, lick it, make money with it, make love with it, anything you like!
-I'll ask for your permission if I can post it in my gallery too, with your DA account credited there. (or other means to credit you, it's up to you)
-If you choose to let me post it on my DA gallery, you may have special requests if you wish to, like additional links, or advertisement, or credited as anonymous, etc. (it can be discussed via note)

But you will have to agree to the following:
-Full payment upfront.
-No refunds during the finalizing phase.
-There may be times where your commission will be worked online over at Livestream or Picarto.

Changing/Editing Policy:
-Major editing can be done during the sketching phase, such as refining the pose, adding/removing clothing details, editing face expression, etc.
-However, editing during the sketching phase can only be made twice. If the sketch needs more changes, additional fees will apply.
-But during the finalizing phase, no major editing can be made. Changing colors, changing really small details, or correcting my mistakes are allowed. Redrawing huge parts of the artwork when it's already finalized are not allowed.

Payment Method:
-Paypal only

Commish FAQ:
Q: I asked you before if you're accepting commissions and you said no. Now that you are, do I get first in line?
A: Sad to say, no. My apologies.

Q: No 3D, animation, or mech? I've seen you make them before. Is there a reason behind these?
A: They, unfortunately, take so much time to make, and I'm not entirely confident in making them.

Q: What about anthros and hentai body deformation? You've done them before, and I'm sure they don't take much time.
A: I'm terribly sorry, but it's a no.

Q: I have a project and I'm willing to pay. Will you take part of my project?
A: I'm sorry, but I'm not available for projects/job. I'm aiming to look for people who wants personal artworks.

Q: I've commissioned you and gave you permission to post it on your DA gallery. But after some time, I've changed my mind/something came up. Can I ask you to edit/remove it?
A: Yes. Simply note me and we can discuss about the changes/removal.

Q: Is it okay if you don't stream while working on my commission?
A: Yes. Simply let me know through notes.

Q: I'm not a client, but can I post the commissioned work somewhere else? I'll credit you.
A: All of the commissioned artworks I created are owned by their respective clients. Please ask for their permission.
My sister mogumogumogu and her boyfriend collaborated to created their very first short Filipino comic/manga and will be distributing it in Anicraze 3:


Art by: mogumogumogu
Story and script by: Richie Hanzel Biay
One night, a guy met a girl in a white dress, only to wake up from a lovely dream with a broken bottle in his hand.

I've seen her work on this for almost a month, and because of tight schedule, I lend a hand in a few things. (like toning and background drawing)

Anicraze 3 is coming up tomorrow in Baguio City, Philippines.

I was invited to become one of the judges for the art contest category!

To those will be attending:
Kita kita nalang!
It's been years since the original OuO was created.

Get it for iOS here. (Not available on iOS anymore.)
Many have requested a port for it to Android, but sadly, I never had one of my own to create the port.
And I intend not to update OuO for the older iOS devices, since updating it will mean limiting the app to only run with the newer hardware.

Today, :iconelpatrixf: have created an OuO app for Android based on the one I made!

Get it for Android here

It's hard to say "port", since from what it looks, it's better than the original OuO!

Thank you elPatrixF!

On a side but related note:
1 1/2 years ago, OuO was meant to have a sequel: OwO
It was meant to have many features and junk, but as development progresses, the end result ran poorly on mobile devices, so I halt the project.

To make the project not go to waste, I edited it and made it into a simple web player, for those who don't own iOS or Android devices: (It may contain glitches, like the nose not working)

Play it now here

That's 3 different versions of OuO for everyone to enjoy~!
To be honest, there's nothing but job.


Here's a random drawing for the empty space instead:

Official Page Link

2nd Annual Komikon Baguio's Eksena ng Komiks
is a huge upcoming comic event here in Baguio City, Philippines.

They also have an art contest in the event! Make sure to sign up online if you want to join in~!
Art Contest Link

And I'll be attending there to sit behind the table, borrowing a portion of the BAG-IW Art Society's table space. (The organizers themselves! It's so awesome of them to let me sit there with them ; u ; )
My plan is to bring a monitor, a laptop, a tablet, and animate there live. Same procedures and methods as how we do it on the job.
No commissions, sadly. And I'm not sure yet if I'll sell prints as well...

It pains for me to announce this, but due to the unstable condition of the laptop that's meant to be used during the event, I won't be able to go and do what I had originally planned.
I'm terribly sorry to those who were looking forward to see the live animation session, and I'm sorry to the BAG-IW Art Society for my sudden decision.

In return, I'm planning to do a Livestream session instead. Most likely in this coming Monday.

Again, I'm terribly sorry.
Summary of 2013 for Me:

-I have worked on and helped release two huge trailers for a planned anime series, together with Studio Kontrabida and Alter Ego Productions.

-And with a little team to work on it, it took an entire year to make a handful of minutes worth of footage.

-I have released Lie music video with Circus-P/VocaCircus.

-That was meant to be released a year ago.

-I have released a sneak-peak trailer of Missing Halloween with the help of sasokity

-And didn't make it in Halloween.

-We have left our old 2-storey apartment to live in a new, better apartment.

-But it's as small as a room.

-I have built my desktop computer with i7 3rd gen + Geforce GTX 770 + 32 GB RAM.

-And months later, i7 4th gen was released.

-And it's also slow.

-But not as slow as my previous i5 laptop.

-I finally got myself an iPad.

-But gotten too busy on job to use it.

-I have attended 3 anime/comic conventions.

-But forgot to take photos of pantsu of cosplayers.

-Because majority wears shorts.

-And I don't have a camera.

-I made 41 nasty artworks. (14 of them are animated)

-And one of them have over 8,800 notes on tumblr.

-I finally have my dreams come true, my very own 3D monitor.

-And now I want three 3D monitors.

-I got myself a bar of mozzarella cheese.

-And chewing on it is giving my mouth orgasm.

On to 2014!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!


And Happy New Year!

Let's welcome 2014!

Thank you everyone for the best wishes~!!

We weren't able to make it by Halloween.
(Give us a month or two, hopefully it'll be done by then)

On another note:
Here in Baguio City (Philippines), me and my sis mogumogumogu will be attending the upcoming Anicraze 2:…

We will be part of the judges of the "Anime Drawing Contest" activity.

And if the plan turns out right, I might do actual animation there, live.
(I hope it does, so I can also show a preview of Missing Halloween there as well)

Happy Halloween!
Nothing much. Just job.

And this too, for the aspiring artists out there:

And 10 days from now, I'll get older again.

And job.
Hello hello,

Things were pretty bumpy for me. I wasn't even able to play games or watch movies.
(except watching The Amazing World of Gumball S2 or Bob's Burgers. But those aren't even movies, lol)
This is because: for the past weeks, I became busy moving to my sis' apartment, in preparation for an office studio our boss recently rented for us employees to use.
I'm expecting things to be more bumpy and exciting, now that the work will not become online-limited anymore.

I can imagine it now: The ultra heat in Manila, the no-more-procrastination lifestyle, that part where I can't work with only my underwear, Oh god.
It'll be a huge change for me, but heck, it's gonna be awesome!
(right? right??? or is it gonna be like school all over again? lolol our boss is the teacher, our client is the principal, our colleagues are the classmates, and the janitor is the janitor)

So now that I'm living in a new place, we are yet to have a permanent internet connection for us to use.
And looking at the schedule, I think I gotta focus heavily on the anime project for the next months. Something that I can't freely show to the public.
(..... Except for those our bosses have already shown: )

Long story short, I won't be able to go on Livestream anytime now.
I could try going online here and there, but with a borrowed internet, it's expected that the video will be in low-quality, or to see those black screens of doom. Or even worse! The little chubby chubby dancing beside the Offline sign! Errmerrgerrd, nuuuuuu--you get the idea.

One last thing though:
I noticed that the Gamejolt page of deIz was receiving good comments.… It's really heart-warming to read these, considering that I see deIz as a oh-what-the-heck-lemme-try-making-a-visual-novel-because-i'm-super-inspired-by-Katawa-Shoujo game.
Story writing isn't my expertise, sadly. Or at least, those with dialogs. It's the huge factor of why I canned deIz 1.5. (And besides, if you google it and look for various reviews, you can see a handful of negative reviews too, lol)

And so, I want to thank everyone who played and enjoyed reading it~!

And that's the end of my journal entry. Thank you for reading!
PS: Lilian's name is Anne now. Haters gonna hate D< If there are haters to start with, lol.
To be honest, nothing much aside from work and job and work and job. Same as always.

But today, I am given permission to say what project I belong to atm.
What exactly is this "job" I kept mentioning for the past months:

Abu Dhabi's first anime has revealed a 1-minute trailer back in April:

I proudly want to say I'm a part of the team behind it.

Studio Kontrabida, the studio behind the game Last Class Heroes, have invited me back in December to join them and help work with an anime in partners with Alter Ego Productions.
And of course, I accepted the offer. And it's been a blast since then. (cliche line, but really, it's an awesome work)
Kontrabida Update:…

I've done various things for the project Torkaizer, ranging from storyboard, cleaning up 3d models, drawing in-betweens, to hand-animating crowd.
mogumogumogu handled some character designing, keyframes, and editing with various aspects.
eko999 handled various mech designs.
teygraphy did a handful of backgrounds. Many can be seen in the trailer.
luckykoifish worked on the poster.
-Wyn did various 3d models.
-And of course, boss Leo of Kontrabida handled some directing, organizing, and our awesome boss. Not to mention he's the one who invited me to this project.

There are many other people involved in the project, but I only know a few people, sadly.

So um, the reason why I'm saying all this is, well, I have no updates to say aside from work. *hides*

The voting is done, and now the winners are here!
Things went a bit bumpy on the way, as a result, it became 4 winners in total!

And the winners are:!!!
Period-tan by kyokochibi
[first]Heartbreak-TAN by lightshelter
Divorce-tan by shinatarou

The prizes for each of the winners are the following:
1000 points from :icongreenshadow622:
A free commission from :iconmikeinel:
And an artwork from :icongalaxyabyss:


The gallery of submissions can be seen here:…

Thank you everyone for participating and voting!
And thank you greenshadow622 for holding the contest!