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iPA Siri-Tan

Character belongs to *AzureBladeXIII

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anatomy for the right side of her body doesn't seem right, like the arm is a smidge too long and the right shoulder is a bit wider compared to the left one, but y'know I'm just nitpicking on it to train myself to be better at anatomy myself. this is really good tho
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I always imagined Siri looking something, like that. That's very sexy. :love:
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Siri: What can I help you with?

Me: Pleasure me.

Siri: Okay,I can help you with that.

(Comes out as Siri-Tan,and gives me the best night of my life)
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So you want to hump a phone?
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A Tan! Not the phone itself, the "Tan" of the phone.
using the apple logo in her hair won't that cause any copyright issue's?
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how did u make those Shineing effects?
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Wow wow wow that's got some excitement in it
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Thank his I ain't the only one
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Great another stolen one. Why does this keep happening to me.
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Reminds me of Felicia from Darkstalkers.
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Wonderful pic ='DD
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wow what a hotty
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What if apple gets so advanced, that they can make little thing come out of your iphone, or ipod like this?!?!!?!?!?
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I know what it is that makes your work so dang good! Your lighting! You are excellent with lighting. You always set the mood just right. That really shows here. I feel like this could be a screencap from a anime. Actually, it looks better than some animes.
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I've always imagined her with glasses, but DAAAAAMN!
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im not sure what to call it, but i love the "shine" :la:
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