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Why :Short Game:

How to play
0. Must not find 'Echhi' and 'Emo' images offensive and/or korny
1. Must be 'Windows XP' or up
2. Download it from here:
Mediafire: [link]
Sendspace: [link]

3. Unzip it and open the folder "Why"
4. Run "Play.exe"
5. If "Unable to locate component. This application has failed to start because d3dx9_35.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." appears, run "dxwebsetup.exe" with internet connection, then run "Play.exe" again
6. If all else fails, don't play it. It's an ugly game anyway... Better save 5 minutes of your life for something else, heheh...

-Put your mouse over the black circles to turn them white.
-Click a circle to remove.
-There are 9 layers of circles in total.
-Tip: "Have at least 60% of white circles without losing one"

Softwares used
Adobe Photoshop
DarkBASIC Professional
Gamecrypt (plugin)

Another short game.
It didn't turn out to be as good as I expected though. It's more of a picture viewer than a game...
(It's audio-less by the way)

Youtube: [link]
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AceSorcerer's avatar
Same problem here as my buddy Wasp
ObsidianWasp's avatar
What do I do if it won't open? It isn't giving me an error message or anything.
Ryotakun's avatar
Free game?! Mike...why you so awsome!? D:>
EraMitavi's avatar
Ahaaaaa yesss!
60.1% with 100% of the circles
Regreme's avatar
I loved the single animation I saw, but is there a place where you post the animations themselves? I'd love to see them, and I doubt I'd have the time to get through the actual game to find them all.:(
Banzaiman1337's avatar
Numerous times it says "Image does not exist".
Sp1nner's avatar
how to win? i am doing pretty good on it
madappel's avatar
Its audioless? Thats boring >_< but thanks for the upload though.
Ritsuku-kun's avatar
OH MY GAWD - I tried and tried to get freakin' 60% white circles without losing one. I tried for HOURS. And then... I finally managed to get it... "Error: Could not find image file" :iconfrageplz: NOOOOOOO!
Hayley7wolf's avatar
what about vista
PrehistoricPlague's avatar
How do you get "Right or Wrong and "Forgotten Smile"

I have everything else!

I do enjoy this game though
Left click before any layers appear .. ^_^ That's for First and Last ..
SilentDanger's avatar
Veddy cool gamee! I'm addicted now!
KikitoSan's avatar
you are AMAZING.
No, srsly, I love you XD
OathkeeperKeyblade's avatar
Anyone else find this happening to them?
When the last row of circles comes up, I can't turn any more white.
Is that supposed to happen?
Killerwolf19's avatar
Yep, I always get to over 60% and because of that last row, it ends up sticking me at like 56% everytime.
OathkeeperKeyblade's avatar
It feels like I'm in someone's dream... or nightmare.
juliahiddles's avatar
I wish it worked for macs TT_TT
celiex3's avatar
top65's avatar
is it safe? maybe it ha virus!!!
starrystar's avatar
I have a mac!! D:
I'll have to be content watching the video . . .
MomochiInWonderland's avatar
i work in windows vista?
isa961's avatar
what's Echhi ???
Bengara-Koushi's avatar
Ecchi is the "close to hentai, but not quite" images. They're the sexy, cleavage-and-v-line-filled images in anime.
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