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Which :Short-Game:

Download: [link]

Video: [link]

A short game where you look for a way to open the door out of the small house.

Please be aware that the game contains violence, blood, and slight gore.

The game requires at least 'Windows XP' and 'Pixel Shader 2.0' to work.
(ATI Radeon R420 (X700-X850) or Nvidia GeForce FX series)
Wikipedia about Pixel Shaders: [link]
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where did the youtube video go?

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I have been trying to find the outfit that the girl wears in this.

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Hey Mike! could i please use this image to write about your game on wikipedia? :)
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I don't see why not. Feel free to use it!
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I could I also use other image sources from you to talk about your works? :)
I remember playing this long before I found your DA account, the story is simple but well thought out, the game mechanics are simple and easy to grasp, it can be enjoyed by everyone since it have almost no text, has simple but effective graphics, and multiple endings. All in all, I found this to be a FANTASTIC short game, and still keep a copy in my games folder. I see great things in this creator's future, if you have an account on Moddb what is it?
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Power of my kababayan, wow.
Hope you make more pieces like this! :)
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Do we have third ending and if not, do you plan to make it?
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Hey um, I played this so much on my Windows 7 computer so recently I decided I wanted to play it again on my newer laptop which is Windows 8.1. It downloaded fine as far as I can tell and extracted fine too but then when I tried to play it it came up with the message "The instruction at 0x00000000 referenced memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be read." Do you know any way I can fix this? I couldn't find anything helpful online... I love this game so I really want to be able to play it again. Thank you ^^
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Oh my goodness, it was you who made this amazing game! I never got around to finding out who the creator was when I first watched some playthroughs of it, but a strike of fate has led me here. Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1] 
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I knew Where, Why and How from long time, but never found this one, I'm curious about it. :) (Smile) 
Glad to finaly find more works of you than the most known as I'm always curious to know about
authors universes and am not the "fan of popular thigs" type of person.
Anyway, as I see there is always as much as before "cancelled" works of you around Sweating a little... 
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So it was you who did this game? You should make more indie short games like  this. I played this game at least 3 times.
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This game is actually brilliant. 
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You did it??? Oh god i ways wanted to say that the game is beautiful an i really adore the head abd the heart part!! You actually made HER the key to get out
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How can I run it in windowed mode?
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Ay, ikaw pala gumawa nito kuya? Nice one! High five! :D
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Let me tell that you have done an incredible game! Especially for the headless poor girl.. She is cute yet scary, but more cuter than anything... But I felt sad about her ill fate... I'm looking forward for a sequel :)
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What are the chances of seeing a sequel in the future? I really liked this game.
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I has a Mac... ;.;
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Darn, I wish I had a PC XD. My friend likes this game but he can't get it either, and he showed me the walkthroughs. It looks like an awesome game, I love it.
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Huh, wow. Was browsing your page earlier today, and then when I go to watch some videos by this Let's Player I found recently, your name pops up because he was playing this~
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