USB-tan :WIP:
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Software used:
-Adobe Photoshop (Animation)
-Adobe After Effects (Composition)
-3ds Max (Reference)

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Comments (621)
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ayus yan ah kaya pala makabuo ng ano isang animated na affter effects grabe no gel lupit no lupit ako din malupit eh
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pANALO PRE haha tang inamo 
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NyanRainbowKatz's avatar
NyanRainbowKatz|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
USB-Tan was my favorite~ :heart:
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palosatina's avatar
Where did you got that 3D model, or have you done it yourself?
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SenpaiGenkiDama's avatar
When the colors exploded... omg I was like 'That... pfft, I has no words to describe this'.
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pokemonlover154's avatar
dang dang dang dang gaspp
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sakura-saya's avatar
sakura-saya|Hobbyist Artist
woah shit! OAO when the colors exploded everything in the gif seems to be more alive! :D ah mah gawsh! i wouldn'y be surprised if you already have an anime animated by you! :)

mah gawsh! you are just soooooo awesome! > o < 

SO HAPPY a very talented person is in the ANIME WORLD ;)
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SeanBattle's avatar
This is amazing! great work! :) 
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Clockwisecat's avatar
Clockwisecat|Hobbyist General Artist
You should make an anime!
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Timetravell's avatar
Timetravell|Student Digital Artist
I don't know AE and 3d max can make animation like this  , it really awesome ~!
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N3w0ne's avatar
N3w0ne|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would you like to work with me in an indie game? we need someone who knows to design anime in 3d
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OfficialPazora's avatar
OfficialPazora|Hobbyist General Artist
I want to learn how to animate like this! I plan on creating an anime in the future.
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v1212186's avatar
By the way, can someone share this 3ds max model (reference model)?
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DroidDragon27's avatar
DroidDragon27|Student Digital Artist
i believe in you >:D
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DroidDragon27's avatar
DroidDragon27|Student Digital Artist
with da skills u have with drawing and awsome animation... you could make an anime
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BrownieRaider|Student Traditional Artist
WOW. that's all I can say. Just WOW.
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AiMitsukiAokasai's avatar
AiMitsukiAokasai|Student Interface Designer
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Candy-Kitten9's avatar
Candy-Kitten9|Hobbyist Digital Artist
That escalated quickly than expected
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FreewolfsVoreInstit's avatar
FreewolfsVoreInstit|Hobbyist General Artist
waw *^* :heart:
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TimeCapsuleStudios's avatar
TimeCapsuleStudios|Hobbyist General Artist
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make a tutorial

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GeminaArtifex's avatar
GeminaArtifex|Student Digital Artist
how do you do that?
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LliaOlsen's avatar
LliaOlsen|Hobbyist General Artist
I like the use of a reference. I actually would need it to maintain consistency and to do varying camera angles like you have here. I think it would be even more helpful if used against a moving camera, so you can get away from the 2D static backgrounds.
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