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USB-tan: Project Files

115MB Zip file containing more than 100 various files that brought the animation "USB-tan" to life.

Watch the video (in 1080p) here:

Created and compiled by:

USB-tan character by:

What's in the ZIP file:
-178 animation frames, available in 1280x720 size. (Originally 1920x1080)
-29 PSD files which includes the inks, colors, shades, sketches, and even the references (3d and photos alike) that were used to create the animation.
-59 MOV files, 38 PNG files, and WAV files to be used by the AEP project to finish and finalize the entire animation.
-Storyboard sketches with animatics included.

Important Notes:
-PSD files are created using Adobe Photoshop CS5. (Possibly compatible with CS3 as well)
-AEP files are created using Adobe After Effects CS4.
-MAX file is created using 3dsmax 2011.
-MOV files require Quicktime to work properly, available here.
© 2013 - 2021 Mikeinel
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SatyaRizqy's avatar
thanks for this! awesome work!!!!
soraskellington's avatar
Wow, thanks for this!! 

My Animation Club is going to start a project soon inspired by your work, this will be very helpful in learning the process!!
Novatrixy's avatar
Man...I am trying to use some of your examples in the files you saved...but its all so foreign. I don't under stand how you did the invert parts.
I try it and all it does for me is invert everything not simply just the shading...
Alariane's avatar
Hello, tastefully wanted to know if it is not too much trouble I filter using , or causes the effect of the last part of the image, please. I love your animations:3
Sorry if this mistranslated , but blames google translator, not English xD
PastlStar's avatar
pls WHAT FILTERS DO U USE ; A ; ?????
Jeinesz06's avatar
Really excelent!!!!!!:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: you are a big artist!!!!
Anidemy's avatar
What software you use for paste each short videos? Thanks!
Anidemy's avatar
With After Effects ok!
ScorpianAkio's avatar
I believe that it is photoshop, combined with manga studio and a few other programs, however, I might be wrong, so don't think too much on my answer ^^
VincentGreyhound's avatar
Wow, thank you very much for this (and your art in general)!

Tsukimiyan's avatar
really great <3!!!!!
I'm fall in love with this work!!
SeijoOkami's avatar
Love your art dude
krissmas3's avatar
 waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!  amazing!!!!
Moth258's avatar
do u do requests?
Azura2467's avatar
Uwaaa!! Amazing!!! >w<)b
zovisugita's avatar
what you use to make the line art, pen tools or use a pen table ?
DoruDesux1's avatar
I love your work! especially this Heart 
PitchB1ack's avatar
OMGGGG SALAMAT IDOOOOL, kaw talaga inspiration ko mag improve
Squidrog's avatar
I'm too lazy to figure this out so ill just ask: How many fps is this?
nekosenpai112's avatar
15 fps real frame build, but duplicated by two, for a 30 fps output video.
master-girl's avatar
ooooh! I felt in love of your work! thank for this!!
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