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Sewing Machine-Tan

Character belongs to *Genna-Cider

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Good work Detailed Every Inch That would be a good VN Character. How I wish for them to make another Vn with that Art work.
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That's one chick you don't wanna piss off or your ass get harpooned end up like a bio shock two victim
FriedMeatball's avatar
It's more of sewing rifle :3
AkumaNoYoi's avatar
Worst thing I can imagine on a battlefield is a chick that sews you with a big ass sewing rifle instead of shooting you.
williamwz3's avatar
Well... they would need her in the medical tent...
HowlerTheEvilKitten1's avatar
This is amazing <3

It's as if Singer-tan SHOULD be in an anime herself :)
Funkymunkz's avatar
Those colours, like, wow...
LexicoN18's avatar
Singers are already epic but this? aMAZING
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Your artwork is such high quality, I'm rather envious. This only proves to me that i need to try 100 times harder if I want to be considered professional.
Thank you sharing your amazing art on DA, I enjoy your flash films as well :D
Hollandlop92's avatar
Singer sewing machine gone epic ^-^ Sweet!!
My mind has been blown across the cosmic plane of the internet by the sheer ingenious awesomeness of this pic, every aspect from the concept to the delivery is pure epic sublimity.. please keep it up!
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It's a very good concept, with the uniform and weapon fitting fine, but the anatomy is a little off, the waist should not turn so much.
Mokmo82's avatar
That is a great concept you built one. Beautiful result!
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firebreather2536's avatar
oh i get it!
hot anime girls representing different appliances!
IVbenjamin's avatar
God dayum! that design OAO
Doodlz18's avatar
looks amazing ^u^
wonderful detail on the sewing needle
SlayerKast's avatar
You could say that this picture looks...

:iconhoratioplz: stitched together.
Avoan's avatar
Guns guns guns!
BambooGhostZ's avatar
the background is amazing
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