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Just finished season 1...

Please don't say season 2 is uber great... Too much expectation may lead to disappointment in the end...


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Woooooooow i can feel the emotion
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Ahh very nice. Higurashi was very good and confusing and Satoko was a little annoying but she went through a lot. Anyway great work!
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LOL I hated her so much... So whiny nungh.
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You've probably already watched season 2 (Kai), but it DOES answer everything you could possibly need to know.
The only thing it doesn't answer is in the third arc of season one; about the uncle...did he die or did he not die? And if he didn't die then what was all the killing about with Keiichi and such!! >_>
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Why is your account terminated on youtube...? D:
Um...Is she drooling?
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ahhh poor satokooooo.... Great drawing...
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love the picture, love the anime, hate the character. e.e
generallolz's avatar
you know who this picture really reminds me of..? Sherry Birkin from the Resident Evil series...
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Season 2 IS uber great though. Quite a bit better than season one in my opinion (both are awesome, don't get me wrong). You just gotta look deep. And then there's Rei, which blew my mind near the end. Higurashi is a very meaningful series, but you have to look in between the scenes. But if you're just watching Higurashi for the gore and insanity, then just stick with season one, as you won't get nearly as much in Kai. Kai's more backstory.
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I love this... I even like how you remembered that she threw up.
dianavam's avatar
i love this and the show. apperently you do too. GREAT!
epicneko's avatar
i LOVE higurahi <3333
you like a bunch of stuff i do
kingdom hearts
lucky star
ANNNNND higurashi >:3
Kipichuu's avatar
I Love Higurashi, <3
This does rly shows satoko's pain. =[
Good job. ; )
olivia-the-fox's avatar
Wow, I love it! ^^
WitchsInk's avatar
I absolutely love Higurashi!
I actually thought that that's where you pulled some of your inspiration from.
You should watch Umineko No Naku Koro Ni.
knytcrawlr's avatar
really great colour work
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Wow! you like Higurashi?? Awesome!!!!
XIlD0M1N4T0RlIX's avatar
U watched the anime too eh....
dead-adventure's avatar
oh i love that series! And you did satoko great :aww:
i loved the anime to this and all hehe once again is it odd this is all so fimailiar
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OMGeee I <3 SATAKO!!!! XD !!!!!!!!
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