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Rose Fire :Page 1:

By Mikeinel
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Page 1 (of 4) of a special Valentine's Day comic.

Page 2: [link]
Page 3: [link]
Page 4: [link]

Special Appearances:
Nuclear Kittens
Kano Yuuki (and her husband)
Tiger Rose
(Thank you for letting me draw you!)

A Valentine gift for:
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Dreamer372Student General Artist
I get it! It's from 2 point of views! The left is for the magician, and the right is for the girl!
meinmini's avatar
meinminiHobbyist General Artist
tenshidenise's avatar
I know how to read it and
I don't get it o.O
SociallyAwkwardBunny's avatar
SociallyAwkwardBunnyHobbyist Writer
Both columns are happening at the same time, but with different point of views. :3
Conkeras's avatar
ConkerasStudent General Artist
This is great, but am I the only one that was completely confused about how to read this?? I'm still not sure if I got it right... D:
hernsteven's avatar
So... magical... :iconooohplz: (Not only literally e.e')
legitface's avatar
legitface Artist
i dont really get what happened :iconcuriousityplz:
2x3luffy's avatar
2x3luffyStudent Traditional Artist
IKR...i feel dumb

How do i read it :iconcuriousityplz:
VIILovelessVII's avatar
the panel on the right is in a different P.O.V (Point of View) as the panel in the left... the left one is in the POV of the magician, and the POV on the right is about the girl :3

and yeah, it's read top to bottom :3
IceCreamHime's avatar
IceCreamHimeHobbyist General Artist
I was just reading this again, and just noticed you had commented. Wow. Hello, love. Fancy meeting you here.
Jedi-Prankster's avatar
Jedi-PranksterHobbyist Artist
I'm kinda confused on how to read it, do you read right down, then left down or the usual English way? I dunno!
anamalz3's avatar
anamalz3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well really they're two character's aspects, so they're supposed to be read at the same time.
If that makes any sense...
Jedi-Prankster's avatar
Jedi-PranksterHobbyist Artist
Oh, I see! Thanks for the help!
anamalz3's avatar
anamalz3Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problems :D
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BranasaurHobbyist Digital Artist
This is really good. You're good at this. I got kinda confused on the last 10 panels though.
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MasaryM64Student Filmographer
Mikeinel's avatar
MikeinelProfessional Digital Artist
elk22121's avatar
I liked it...depressing, but beautifully done... perhaps my masochistic nature is getting the better of me...
raseru09's avatar
Flame magician reminds me of Chamoisee :O
Cool work
lucianovontedizstein's avatar
lucianovontedizsteinHobbyist Traditional Artist
still have a bit of trouble following the last pair of panels (the textured background ones)
but i can't resist faving your comics man
KitsuneMuffin's avatar
omg It looks soo freaking amazing ; u ;
Grimhilt's avatar
Just like draw with me kinda. The two are separated. Good work with leaving the middle black like a wall.
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