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I want to go back in time...
And undo my mistake...
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The image and the description beautifully capture exactly what I'm feeling.  Thank you for making this, and reminding me that we all make bad mistakes and want to undo the damage we caused.
Same here. :l
remboy3000's avatar
Finally thank you so much. I've always wanted to know how to draw something like this XD
andbrg's avatar
So wish I could... Great art! :)
NeyoPro's avatar
fuckin love it
TheSicestMaggot's avatar
Can i use this as an avatar? i won't keep pestering you if you say no.
rohtie's avatar
I know exactly how you felt.
PrezesD's avatar
Me too, so bad...
Great colors and idea...
"Now I can die" :)
I feel sad when i thinking about this picture... Why i can't have that ideas and abilities...
It could be great for avatar, but don't worry i won't use. :)
itsuyaya's avatar
How did you get that effect? :O
Gemini-Girl's avatar
This speaks volumes...
great piece!
ZidanielRaziel's avatar
I am sure heard it all before. I'm not hear to say this or that. Do you what you must, long time to live. Thx for the favourite.
evasive's avatar
This is... awesome!!
Arcticwolfhowler's avatar
I love the pose and the colors. Its a very moving piece.
Sorasha's avatar
Who doesn't want to do that sometimes?

Very nice.
Hentai-Sweetie's avatar
We all have times like that. <=C
karules's avatar
even if its sad thats another perfect pic :)
Flopmasterflex's avatar
this s***s off the hoooook!
PacificaArts's avatar
I think everyone can relate to that feeling. I love the look of this! Great pose and color.
OoLen's avatar
that really .. wow
gillian-raine's avatar
awww... why wassup? what you do? XD
Mikeinel's avatar
robokop's avatar
Interesting! :)
blurymind's avatar
at first glance i thought that this was a shiny ass or something, turns out to be a man with his hands on the face
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