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Loud Sisters (Lola+Lana)

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Loud Sisters Collection:
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MightyMorphinPower4's avatar

Cute and adorable work on them

HighRollerHydra's avatar

One is pristine and clean, the other is filthy and messy.

amir4z1z's avatar
This is what lola and lana just made out.
TreePastry's avatar
How can both have a missing tooth? 
Blueart14's avatar
They punched each other in the mouth for tooth fairy money they both did it so one doesn't fight over the theory
DLNJuancho's avatar
las gemelas son el sueño de cualquiera 
20jlucas's avatar
Lana is like a farmer
Herowebcomics's avatar
They are so cute and different from each other! 
20jlucas's avatar
Yes and they're clones
20jlucas's avatar
You already said that last year and I answered it they are clones
loudhouser's avatar
They are relatives and twins and resemble there mother
20jlucas's avatar
Clones and twins are the same too
aghi123's avatar
Its looks like Mario and peach fan
MalleyMall's avatar
LOVE dem lil' girls :D
iornwolf2008's avatar
i love how they are the opposite of each other!
Peculiarosity's avatar
Love it, although Lola seems slightly taller then Lana. 
CherieBits's avatar
Highheels maybe? :o
Zorbonaut's avatar
Their poses looks like a Third Reich monument.
ThisAccountKills's avatar
This. Yes. This is just... Yes, omg. <3
Dragonkingmark's avatar
getting a mario vibe from this XD
NeoNimbus526's avatar
Two polar opposites, who nevertheless, cares for each other. :)
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