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Living Baby Doll :Wireframe:


Program Used: Photoshop + 3dsMax
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Impressive, nice use of color and form~
The motion makes it even cuter~
zimuye's avatar Q~~good job!
WOW Muy Genial!!
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this you made in flash adoble c6?
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Amazing work o3o
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Left is Gumball, Middle is Anaise, and Right is Darwin. lol two years later. xD
HinaTheSpinner's avatar
CutiePieFionna's avatar
Best face of Anais!
pedo5's avatar
 i really like the fried egg in the girl' on the left's hairr
TheNightSpectator's avatar
Adorable and funny xD
MinamexSuyen's avatar
WOW! o.o 
It takes a lot of work 
YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! //childish smile
FNAF2Poster's avatar
Darwin needs to be dark but so cute :3
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There must be a better way of simply mapping already existing 2d art/textures onto planes (without distortion and at the same relative size and resolution as the rest) than I'm aware of. I mean, the typical make object, unwrap, make texture for that unwrap, I got that down. But on the rare occasion I want to make the shape for the texture instead of the other way around, it seems harder than it should be.
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3DS max for 2D tweening? Damn that's hardcore.
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It's baby anais, the living baby doll~
GarlicNerd's avatar
heh, you can still see darwins hoody under the wig
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It's Baby Anais, The Living Baby Doll~! ^^
Derpeson's avatar
nice animation but if gumbal and darwin are girls shouldn't the bunny be a boy?
gaarapandachan's avatar
no it's from the actual show where they dressed up as girls
Derpeson's avatar
oooow it hought it was a gender switch.
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