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Living Baby Doll

Fanart of Gumball. Again.
(Episode: "The Tape")

Program Used: Photoshop + 3dsMax
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Dewani90's avatar
right before having your face smashed... love your art style, it's cute and colorful.
jurassicparklionking's avatar
So cute .:Aww :3c:. holding hands Cute! Aww Aww Aww Aww 
purplelion12's avatar
they make cute girls in the anime version
AnimateLeo's avatar
TOO MUCH CUTENESS.... ITS TOO MUCHMarkiplier Hot Damn You're Cute! HuniePop #3 Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] Heart Love :happybounce: 
TheSuperSaiyan10's avatar
I'm getting Boku no pico vibes
LyricDaemon6's avatar
Petty sure someone's going to die lol
Laugh-Butts's avatar
I am very pleased by this image.
Brainstormer623's avatar
Somehow, Anais' face isn't the creepiest one in this picture.
Zombie-Orchid's avatar
My little sister LOVES this. She was so happy watching it xD
Plushiebonnie83's avatar
thiss is my fav episode
Streled's avatar
Let's play which music fits!
Rkdailey's avatar
I love Anais' facial expression!!
Vanessalisa's avatar
if they have its the annialator
CreeperKiller55's avatar
It's baby Anais, the living baby doll!
SamBiswas95's avatar
O my god, that is amazing. How long did it took you to finish it? 
GIF Gravity Falls - Cute! 
TsukiOokami534's avatar
The wigs look good on gumball and darwin...XD
Disco-Panda123's avatar
NeutralChilean's avatar
it's cute, is Anais, the lovely doll. really great
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