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How I Made 'Draw with Me'

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I don't have much to show, but, I want to give a lil gift as a 'thank you' for those who reported the art thief in Newgrounds...

It's not really useful, but, I just hope i'm able to show some things for people to learn... It's recommended to know how to use Photoshop and AfterEffects first before looking at it...

I've also added an animated gif showing how a scene was prepared element by element... (Click 'Download'... 6mb tho)

Video: [link]

'Kay, i tried counting and the total frames are approx 964... (that excludes the frames for non-animating elements)

Due to sudden changes DA implemented regarding GIF files with preview image, I decided to remove the gif to make the tut show up again
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CRF-GalaxyStudent Digital Artist
That animation is bomb, you did a great job with it. And your explanation is Awesome . 
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KnownAsKidHobbyist Digital Artist
This gives me hope as a animation student, true inspiration.
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(O.o) (<-has a new respect for animators and the whole animation process...)

Question: that gift at the end... um... is 'that'... REALLY... what I think it is...? (If it is, then talk about giving someone a hand.)
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TasharahOWNZerinStudent Digital Artist
Okay one of my questions is how do you make the duration stop being so long automatically in photoshop? 
Like for instance when I'm drawing a bunch of frames and then I make it into a video group and put it on my timeline the duration is like 1:23 and I have to drag it all the way back to like 0:03 or less. Is there a faster way to make it so that doesn't happen?
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VxArtisaiStudent Digital Artist
Luffy Anime Emoji (Cry) [V4] I have the same problem. It's so annoying... If you've found a cure can you share?Luffy Anime Emoji (Cry) [V4] 
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CenttonStudent Filmographer
Hey, I animate in photoshop so if you can explain your problem in more detail, if you have not already figured it out, I may be able to help. 
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HetalianPonyHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Please do share
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GaleLightStudent Digital Artist
you taught just fine,loved it
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DivineMinatoHobbyist Digital Artist
How even do you draw so nice animate like this ;-;? But its nice to know you have a girlfriend who would go through lots of trouble to give her something this nice. Teach me the ways of of anime pls, your art is 1000/10 btw Epic clap Epic clap 
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moljamesProfessional Interface Designer
Solid nerves required for all that organising.
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wowwwwwwww you are incredible! thank you so much! I remember when I first saw "draw with me". Post it on facebook. It is special for me, a lot. :D 
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All this for a girlfriend she must be very lucky to have a guy how will make an animation for her~
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Jethroxas13Student General Artist
where's the Gif??
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can i ask, how many frame per second did this need? Mikeinel 
Poopin-Sack's avatar
i think it depends on how "smooth" your gonna make the whole animation if you ask me.
Hachu-Hachu's avatar
How long did this take you approximately?
Divine-Angel-Heroine's avatar
Divine-Angel-HeroineHobbyist General Artist
*Pats your back* It's ok.
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Kawaii-RicecakeStudent General Artist
this is really good and I loved the story for the animation, a little scary at the end which was the best part.
But I wanted to ask about the keyframes in photoshopo I don't get it, how did you do the in-between frames did you do a video timeline for this? Could you please explain more :3
KaishoSohando's avatar
Wow, this is amazing. How you did everything and it turned out so great, I really liked it. Though I just barely understood it... Sad, but really good.I say the time spent watching this was worth it Waaaah! Clap  La la la la 
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NickelSnickStudent Artist
Cutie costuization Cutie costuization Cutie costuization Cutie costuization Cutie costuization Cutie costuization Cutie costuization Cutie costuization 321...........BOM
Noo Noo Noo Noo Noo Noo Noo Noo Noo Noo Noo Noo Noo Noo Noo Noo 
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AfghanLuffyStudent Filmographer
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xxblutixxHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow... I was shown this video and I thought the story and its execution were so amazing, but now to learn it was all done in Photoshop? I can't even fathom this (I mostly understand how you did it, but wow... those layers xD)


An amazing job, well done.
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YoukaiiTwitchHobbyist General Artist
Wow now seeing how you did it all in Photoshop gives me hope for my own OC's seeing the light of day animated. Thanks for the inspiration. 
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RainbowRandomArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
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