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Hinata and Tenten :3D Viewer:

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© 2007 - 2020 Mikeinel
Final images can be seen here: [link]

Now, you can see them in any views real-time!
If your GPU supports pixel/vertex shader 2.0, you can view them with normal maps and adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and bloom strength!

Zip file (14.5 Mb)

20 Mb disk space
Latest DirectX9 driver
GPU/Video card

Well, i got lazy on the update, so no poses were really added...
For those who knows my dirty side account, check my member info and you'll see a little secret of this viewer... -w-

Softwares used:
3dsmax9 (3d)
Photoshop CS3 (textures)
DarkBASIC Professional (3d engine)

Readme.txt is now added in the zip file.

Some of the people who knew the little secret ran on a little problem, so i made a little update... Download it (and know how) here: [link]
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Never learned what the code was

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SSJCyberSonicHobbyist Digital Artist
Great job on this!
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So, the link doesn't work anymore, and I've pressed every single button I could think of, and still haven't figured it out. Any way we could get a new download, please?

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Ninjagirl9Student General Artist
Wow I really love this!! <3
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bocook1515Student Photographer
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i cant find the models
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Sleepwalker000Student Digital Artist
Uhhh...what happened to the website? I can't find it, even on google...

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Sleepwalker000Student Digital Artist

That looks pretty good. I haven't downloaded it (yet) but the picture is already good.

For people who want to make something like this but have no money, I would recommend Blender. The newer version has a very user friendly interface, you can do all of the modeling in the program, and it uses logic bricks, so you don't have to do very much coding.

First person needs some coding but you can find an easy way to do that with this tutorial. (Get the appropriate script for the version of Blender your using)

A great begginers tutorial can be found here. (It's for Blender 2.49 but it is about the same in 2.5).

Just google any other tutorial and you'll probably find it. There are Blender users EVERYWHERE...

I leave you with this demonstration of the game engine (which is only a small part of Blender)


I kinda went of on a tangent there. Anyway, great job.
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whats your dirty side account? D:
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yeah finding that sucker is driving me insane...
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Amazing!!! Too bad I can't figure out the easter egg... I have been fiddling through your journals and everything.
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same here.. found nothing..
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great models, I really liked it
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newhereProfessional General Artist
the program loads on my computer but shows fire and i can use the controls...is there some sort of download i'm missing?
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Beautiful images. Can you still find the secrets? I'm kind of late to follow your work though I'd like to start.
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Are the secrets still possible to find? Seeing as how old this is now.
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I thought i knew this easter egg, i guess not, do i need the version in the broken link to activate it in Windows 7 x64?

Anyway, great job, dunno why i haven't commented on this before, was following the thread back in the days.
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yeah some tips how to uncover easteregg ? :PP
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YuukiKunoichiHobbyist Digital Artist
Hinata looks like SoiFon xD
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I still can't figure out how to view the easter egg Dx
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kaztelliHobbyist Digital Artist
could you tell me how do i see the easter eggs? thanx.
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woah... i want to see your dirty side account... i think i really have to... >.<
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Amazing skillz
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Nice work, and just fantastic.
I have knowledge of 3d modelling, i also want to do the stuff like that.
also want to know about the engine and tools you used to make the 3d game
that you won the competition for.

your work is absolutely amazing.
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