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Heavily inspired by these songs:
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This is really cool but the picture gives me a sad feeling.
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Oh, the feels T___T This is lovely.
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I wish I could illustrate songs.
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Ok so there is like a lot of art stuff I could say O_O but this is so epic I can't say it so yeah O_O the word I'm looking for is EPIC I think that may be good anuff for it O_O nah not good anuff Mick.
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deep emotion like the song itself, love it... i also like any songs from keeno, theyr really inspiring
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so depressing . *teary eyes* *sobs*
good work! :)
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It's painfully alike to how I feel..... But good work :)
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So amazing me :o Good job!! Still sad..
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Aaaaah. I love how I knew you were talking about that song when I saw the title. <333
Amazing contrast as always. I love how vibrantly the colors..well..glow. > u<;;
Amaaazing work as always. ; u;
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such a depresive art that is inspired by a calm song.
I admit the songs were sad, but she looks like she is gonna cry blood.
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cool very2 cool.....
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Beautiful :heart: you can really feel the influence of the two songs, and the rain effect is simply fantastic x
The lighting too! adfdgfdffdsfhsopretty! owo
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I honestly was expecting "Teardrops on My Guitar"
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Lovely! This image and the song... They make me miss my husband, who's out at sea. I really know that feeling of wishing he could hold me.
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Well this defiantly shows the weight this girl character has to carry, showing the glow of a human figure in the background. (could be anyone actually) This is a great piece and the rain really does amplify the weight of her burden. The colors really bring out the sadness of this feeling and I feel that it worked really well of this piece. Also love how you were inspired by two vocaloid songs (really dead on to the feeling of the song)
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love this <3 such a powerful feeling
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The force of Melancholy is strong in this one. :D Nice depiction of the song bro.
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I had to look at this three times to notice the arms around her. I love it. :heart:
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mike inel.... you're awesome.
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