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Drawn with Me: To Sing

By Mikeinel
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Tumblr: [link]

A sketch of her, because I can't animate it yet.
Lillian's name has been changed to "Anne."

A happier picture of her: [link]
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CourtRHobbyist Digital Artist

OHGAWDNO. O M G heart balloons

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Baron-Bomb-B00mStudent General Artist
So is this a reincarnation of the original story?
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now draw Zefyr!! plz!
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this piece honestly makes me cry whenever I look at it just cause I see myself, my mom does the same just cause she found out bout my so called 'talent' singing and even drawing ... now I dislike both... really great piece c:
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TaigaMasamuneHobbyist Digital Artist
Quick question, are you the creator of Draw With Me? Or is this just fanfiction? :)
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ZeDerpyCatStudent General Artist
Yes he is.
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KekegaruHobbyist Traditional Artist
That is the most beautiful quote ever 
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moonjumper4Student General Artist
wow like a canary
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Recalling your work on "Lie", this is starting to seem eerily similar to "CiRCuS MoNSTeR".
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ProfessorLenahStudent Traditional Artist
Which animation is thsi from?
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alexandramerdaStudent Writer
anime is that?
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FlaminlolHobbyist General Artist
Your are a awesome artistBunny Girl Emoji-53 (Notice me please) [V3] 
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HIROmangaHobbyist Digital Artist
I think you should do some kind of "Draw with me universe" involving separate couples with separate talents, each belonging to a separate title (like Draw with me; Sing with me; Dance with me; etc), then one final big one that intertwines a story of 2 lovers being born again and again, each time being separated and working to be together again in each life (like how you did with Draw with me); intertwines that story will all the previous stories for a "Draw with me universe" mega movie thingy. That would be like the greatest romance tale ever.
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pUrpLeICEcrYstaLsHobbyist General Artist
That would be, in a way, Cloud Atlas. I swear to God I need to watch it, but I don't have time. saonion sad onion sad onion sad 
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HIROmangaHobbyist Digital Artist
I have never even seen that movie lol
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This is sad, who is "she"
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Nefili94Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So sad...
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nice art.
and sad...

this is kind of my reason to not make my hobby my job. if I would make drawing my job I would fear to not like doing it anymore.
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MasaryM64Student Filmographer
feel the same way, only I was able to resist and choose a different path, so my singing is for me only :3 and the ones who just want to feel free
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evelluchiaHobbyist Digital Artist
shes so pretty ^-^ it would be wonderful to see one of her smiling
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lovelyrosethornHobbyist Traditional Artist
My dear listen to the song lie jubyphonics version
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kuapiOHobbyist General Artist
Uhm... why she has the left arm?
She looks older than DwM's time...
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Lillian's account (as mentioned in the "Drawn with Me: I Love You" video):
I got lost, too, and I was looking for the right direction.
Everyone around me was leading me to the wrong path for their own benefits.
I had one chance to change everything, but I lost it.
I didn't have anyone to lead me to the right track.
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I think it's just her attire, makeup and hair. Look again and you'll see that she has a small build. Both Lillian and Zefyr mentioned that they felt lost in their lives before they met each other. This is obviously Lillian's side of the story.
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