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December 18, 2009
Draw with Me :Video: by *Mikeinel I usually try to avoid feature popular deviations to support the 'unknown' deviants but in this time, I have to do it. I invited Mikeinel to submit this video because I thought it was amazing and when I got to the deviation to feature it, it was over 9000 views... I got suggestions for this animation more than 20 times... This deviation have to be a Daily Deviation and today is the day. If you did not saw it yet, you should ^_^
Featured by InpuUpUaut
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Draw with Me :Video:

It's about a girl and a boy separated by an unbreakable glass.

Story and Animation: *Mikeinel
Music and Sound: Daniel James (HybridTwo: [link])
Inspiration: Someone dear to me before...

Download Music: [link]

It was originally posted on Youtube ([link]) as a gift for a friend before.

Since the original was using a copyrighted music, I commissioned Daniel James (from HybridTwo) a track for this so I can post it here in DA as a film.

In this newer version, I decided to add/improve a few things. They're not so noticeable, but I feel much more contented with them.
There are those that are left unedited, but I feel like it's best to leave it that way.

Very first shot: [link]
WIP: [link]
(Youtube: [link])
Manga attempt: [link]
Valentine's Day Artwork: [link]
Original Post:[link]
(Youtube: [link])

How I made it: [link]
After Image: [link]

Artist Comment:
Thank you everyone for liking it!
Especially the viewers in Youtube for giving it a million views;
People here in DA for giving my pageviews a boost; (And making fanarts too!)
And people in Newground for supporting me to remove stolen posts.
Thank you very much!

I also want to thank `InpuUpUaut for approaching and inviting me to post this video here in DA.

And lastly, of course, a friend back then for giving me the inspiration and push to finish my very first complete animation.

Update: (12/18/2009)
Thank you again, `InpuUpUaut, for having this animation in DD!
And to those who suggested this to be in DD. Thank you all!

Another After Image: [link]
Extra Story: [link]
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© 2009 - 2021 Mikeinel
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Angeriu's avatar

He will draw again, but I wonder maybe one day that wall will broke, and they will be together...


Maybe the force created them and world will see how much they love each other and will allow them be together, maybe that wall one day will just melt...

jelikattebayo's avatar
Still enjoy this video very much!!
Morri-Muscaria's avatar
I remember watching this when it first came out when I was 18 Little Pixel Heart 
Still so amazing and sweet :heart: :heart: Heart bum 
ShonataBeata's avatar
I had no idea you made this! I remember seeing a really good dubbed version of it up on Youtube, but I had no idea it came from here and that you made it. This animation and story is in a special part of my heart. I love the story, the animation, the characters and the theme of it. No matter how many times I see it, I get so emotional. The girl is so sweet and what she did at the end was shocking but she just wanted to draw with her friend. 

I love this so much and I'm so happy I found it here. :)
LiterarySerenity's avatar
This is such a gorgeous animation!
astinbryson's avatar
DARNIT THE ONION CUTTING NINJAS HAVE RETURNED!!! I love this one and I just cry every time this part comes up!! T-T
1ndigoCat's avatar
This animation is beautiful, everyone loves it, I love it .:puppy happy love:. 
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Hey awesome work here no kidding! Great animations! Keep at it alright? Watching your animations is awesome! I posted some animations too on my channel if you wanna take a look~ I'd love for some feedback^^
kitsunefire7's avatar
 How do I submit film like this? I don’t know what to choose for the correct selection. 
PYRASMUS's avatar
BUT DID IT WORK?! NOOO i wanna know
Mykee25's avatar
I still get chills down my spine every time I see that ending... amazing work btw!
after years of watching this, i just now got he was a leftie
gpsdarker's avatar
GroovyBridge's avatar
A timeless classic. i crie evertim
Jamespokemario's avatar
Just build a staircase of stuff like Boxes and go over the top
Dotface03's avatar
I'm literally crying
Kirbydoesstuffz's avatar
This is fantastic!I love it sooooooooooooooooooo much! 
BodyInflotion's avatar
In the end, the girl gave the boy her left hand. At the last scene, she is only shown with her head and her right arm. Plus, the boy is left handed and the girl is right handed.
DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
McGem-The-Bush's avatar
wait??? did she give him her left hand? i mean, shes right handed, him left, and a hand was in the package with her skin color, and he was SUPER suprised. and she had that blanket meaning all we could see was her head and right arm.... i think i got the ending
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