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Draw with Me: Prints

By Mikeinel
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I wish I had heard of you earlier in life
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ChocoGirl257Hobbyist General Artist
OMG i wanna cry ><
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whitewolfmoon13Hobbyist General Artist
so he took her arm and somehow grafted it onto his own and got it working enough to start drawing again? and then the glass somehow disappeared? am i understanding this correctly?
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AshinoX1Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love this picture, i love the animation but everytime i watch it i cryCrying Death the Kid Emote but i will forever love it no matter wht :hugs: 
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Seriously.. why the glass Q nQ
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SoulEevee99Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Si0pozHobbyist Digital Artist
Love the video :D
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these effects.....how????? So good!
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NaitomeIyaHobbyist Digital Artist
*A* :+fav:
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awesome : O 
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Oh wow, that is so beautiful! The video brought me to tears. And just with this picture all emotions are back! Awesome work!
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love the serie
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IkitadaHobbyist General Artist
Omg this is one of the best love stories ever! I cant wait to see if he continues to make those mini sequels =D
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Sin-Q-BusHobbyist General Artist
I interpreted this two ways.
1) two people in love separated by glass. (what the artist is showing)
2) 2 different people, the person behind the glass is who they are supposed to be and they are in the wrong body. (something I saw)

Either way
Pikachu Crying Plz   The feels are strong with this one
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Spammyx3Student General Artist
ahhh! its beautiful
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This has so many emotions in it!
I just feel like pouring rain.
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Oh god!!! I WANT IT!!!! love you Mike!!
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M0nM0nChanHobbyist General Artist
oh my god my feels ;a; <3
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QAQ the feels are coming back....
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AnimetraPrincessStudent General Artist
Oh my god!!!!!!!!! I remember the hell out of this, and the feels just came back in one moment and... Wow. Great work. I recognized them easily after all these years.
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BlackGalaxyAllyStudent General Artist
I loved Draw with Me ;A; it was so sad but so beautiful 
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kadthekatHobbyist Digital Artist
ghghghghhhhhh the feellllssssssss ;A;
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TotallyAwesome12Student General Artist
This is amazing 
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