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Draw With Me

Youtube link: [link]
Download: 640x480px WMV video (40mb)

It's about a girl and a boy separated by an unbreakable glass.

By: :iconmikeinel:
Dedicated to: A great friend before
Music: Cherish (Ai Otsuka)

It's quite unbelievable that it's finally done...

Personally, i'm not satisfied with the outcome. It needs a lot of improvements, ranging from story to in-between frames to presentation to timing. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, I simply finished it...

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy watching it...

Adobe Photoshop CS3 (Frames)
Adobe AfterEffects CS3 (Animation/Timing/Effects)

How I made it: [link]

I did an extra image for our studio to post: [link]
© 2009 - 2021 Mikeinel
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This great classic is getting lost to time as YouTube compressess this more and more with time.

If you could reupload the "final" version at the highest quality possible, that'd be cool. Maybe the download should have YouTube's chosen music and sound effects too.

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10 years later and this is still one of my most favorite animations <333
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cuteSanskit Sanskit Sanskit Sanskit Sanskit Sanskit 
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A million times beautiful, the story, animation, everything is wonderful!! Heart 
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Hello. i very liked your animation about "draw with me". it is really very cute. can i draw picture about them?
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i died from the feels omg ;-;
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Just... So many feelings... So beatiful and amazing <3 

It's impossible not cry and still love it ÇwÇ

Congratz for that awesome work  Panda Bunny Neko Misc Emoji-07 (Applause) [V1] Panda Bunny Neko Misc Emoji-07 (Applause) [V1] 
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Oh my goodness - so YOU'RE the artist behind "Draw With Me"?

Funny, there are so many projects that become a memorable part of my life or internet experiences somehow, and every now and then I stumble across the creators of those projects here on DeviantArt!

"Draw With Me" is an animation I found on Youtube a long time ago, and if I'm not mistaken, it made me cry when I first saw it! (Every time I saw it) A very close friend and I were both fans of it, and she even drew a picture once inspired by it if my memory is correct.

You're the artist behind it... That's amazing. Fantastic. :) Thank you.
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Wait...You were the one that originally did this? O_O I LOVED this video. Like, LOVED. 
pigninja323's avatar
I didn't get the end. What happened?
HanabiHG's avatar
They drew, that's all
Ikaros-dream's avatar
This is truly amazing and sad I love it so much!
cat-in-the-web's avatar
i really don't get why she chopped of her arm. it's not like he can attach it to his body and everything is fine. also, he lost his hand and not his arm so in my opinion the end is a bit too extreme. but i like the rest ^^
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That was so beautiful....😭😭😭😭😭😭😱😩😩😩😵😵😵
Oh my gosh ;  ;
This actually made me cry <3
Please, I'd love more than anything to see this continued 

but one question... was that her arm in the box??
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I was really hurt
CrystalLeo's avatar
I Absolutely love this video! I must have watched it at least 10 times XD
An-ANIME-artist's avatar
OMG this video was so sad and cuute!!! It was so sweeet!!
SpaceCub's avatar
I wish the download had the glass sounds
wheatleykawaii's avatar
After all these years i never knew it was you who made it
and you sir is some kind of legend
szafir91's avatar
That's exactly what I wanted to say
wheatleykawaii's avatar
Hahaha your prof pic represents your reaction x)
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