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Console war?

What I personally think about the current console war...
And I got lazy to design a Wii-tan...

Oh woooow! 1,000+ comments! How very nic-- oh... just some more ramble about which console's better...

Gallery: [link]

Update 2:
My sister made a fanart:

Update 3:
A remake is available on Anipan: [link]
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where is my Nintendo girl?
Samuel-Neocros's avatar
Xbox is my girl! >///<
attilamaxsiolo's avatar
Big Smoke's head Scout Icon New Weapons Soldier 2 Saysplz emoticon eddition PLAYSTATION!
OneHandArts's avatar
MatthewDaAnimeFanboy's avatar
FuryQuantmin's avatar
S O U L J A H B O Y 4 T H E W I N !
MatthewDaAnimeFanboy's avatar
Where's Nintendo-chan?
I like this art btw.
brianshooter672's avatar
They look exacly like anime character in hyperdemension neptunia
Psych0tic-HTML's avatar
Very Cool Concept!
Lucarioroolz's avatar
Android > Iphone

Pc > console

Just because it's more expensive doesn't mean it's better.

Bring on the hate.
Siri9000's avatar
Looking for attention, huh?
Lucarioroolz's avatar
Stating a fact performance wise > Attention whoring.

But yeah, I typed this while I was incredibly tired, that happens to me when I'm tired.
Brubio1010's avatar
Too late dude, Hyperdimention Neptunia was first
N-emi's avatar
Actually no, this is from 2009.
Brubio1010's avatar
Oh… didn't see the year
GetOutOfWalmart's avatar
"i'd like to squeeze your circle and square buttons on those giant controllers of yours."
Hitkid's avatar
Well Wii is probably a guy >_>

Love the accessory on 360's head!
LastQuinsy's avatar
love it) cool idea*)
JennaTheFox's avatar
Hyperdimension Neptunia
istalo's avatar
Tought the same thing hahaha
JennaTheFox's avatar
It looks like it tbh XD But yeah those tans r cool too
Ask-Tabitha-Cartman's avatar
I'm baying an iPhone yesh XD
DraculaXfan98's avatar
I'll miss last generation...
PROTOGENOI96's avatar
The one with the bigger buttons winz!Boobs 
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