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Commission: Hanako w/ a Penguin

By Mikeinel
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I hope his close friend will love it.
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that penguin is so damned lucky.
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EvoZeusStudent Digital Artist
I love you coloring style! IT'S BEAUTIFUL !!
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MikhanatorHobbyist General Artist
omgsh >.< This Hanako is awesome!

If there is only a Miki pathway TT^TT
starltrubymoon's avatar
starltrubymoonStudent Digital Artist
;A; awesome!
megamuffin6's avatar
I loved Hanako~ even tho I kinda failed at getting her path on my first try xD
Icyshadowlord's avatar
Woah, those scars look like something outta Silent Hill.
Toshiro-Taichou's avatar
Toshiro-TaichouStudent Digital Artist
i...i cant.....HNNNGG....!
therealCell's avatar
that penguin looks a bit like gunther...
Ziacik96's avatar
adorable. amazing game
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KuroudyHobbyist Digital Artist
Hanako! <3
kasumi-desu's avatar
Very cute ^^
This penguin looks like penguin 2 from mawaru penguindrum x3
ElMexican91's avatar
Aww... What a cute gir... Penguin. Just kidding Im not that type of person she's cute too. XD
nerolory's avatar
o dear, what hapened on her face?
TobiObito4ever's avatar
TobiObito4everHobbyist General Artist
She was trapped in a fire that claimed her parents' lives when she was very young. The trauma scarred her: both physically and emotionally.
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Kuma-neeProfessional Filmographer
ratratrat098's avatar
Cuteness can kill. Very cute Hanako.
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Katrina8194Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'd Like To See Behind Her Hair :O
EclairFaDa26's avatar
EclairFaDa26Hobbyist Digital Artist
kawaiii~ <3
but why her face is bloody ?? O.O
loradream's avatar
It's her scars. ;x
selhiamafuchi's avatar
selhiamafuchiHobbyist General Artist
Hanako-chaaaan. 8D
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That-GHobbyist Artisan Crafter
ice king :GUNTER! what have i told you about reading on someone else's lap mister?
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