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A School Girl?

It was all just a dream.

It looks... so... unsatisfying... *twitch*

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I like her expression...
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She looks dazed and hypnotized. It's a creepy expression, but it's very well executed. ^^
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I feel like this would be me drawn ( x hahahah only not really this is WAY prettier than I will ever be <3 so cute :3
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omg! looks exactly like my oc
Minna-Sensei's avatar
of course I can ^^

What kind a textures are you using?
Or where you get them??
InklingArt's avatar
I like this, but you've really improved since this piece. :) good job
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How cute.
I have short hari too and I think, she looks a little bit like me :D

I Like it ^^
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as great as it is, i think that the hand-head-breast ratio seems a little off...
but that's just me. i could be wrong.
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Is like the Mona Lisa o.o :+fav:
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cuuuute and cooool:D:hug::love:
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very cute ^^
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two words plain and simple: DEATH NOTE!
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Is she meiko sakine? ^^ she look like she
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Beautiful! Love it!
KawaiiVampireXD's avatar
dang just remeberd i have to do my home work coz of this
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Your art is great, great colour!
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love it. :]] amazing.
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Hihi, I have the same hairstyle:meow:
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