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I’m aiming to make my Patreon successful, thus, any commissions, requests, collaborations, or job opportunities are impossible for me. I’m sorry.


Q: Can I post your artwork somewhere else?

A: With or without permission, you're free to post it under these three simple conditions:

1: No money involved. (Free in short)

2. A proper credit is displayed. ("By: Mike Inel" is fine)

3. You won't claim it's yours unless it's a collaboration between us. (I rarely do collabs)

Q: What if it's an old commissioned artwork you made, am I free to repost it too?

A: Old commissioned artworks belong to their respective clients/commissioners. Please ask for their permission instead.

A: However, if you're the client/commissioner of the artwork, feel free to do anything you like.

Q: I made a fanart of your work. Should I credit you?

A: Not necessarily, but you could.

Q: I made something that was inspired by your work. Should I credit you?

A: No need.

Q: Can I cosplay one of your works?

A: Sure!! (Credits are optional)


Q: What program do you use for drawing? (and painting?)

A: Adobe Photoshop CS6 + Manga Studio 5

Q: Animation?

A: Adobe Photoshop CS6 + Manga Studio 5 + Adobe AfterEffects CS6

Q: 3D?

A: Autodesk 3dsmax 2013 + Adobe Photoshop CS6

Q: Programming language?

A: Unity. I use Ren'Py too for visual novels.

Q: Do you use tablets?

A: Yes. Wacom Intuos 4 L


Q: Can I request an artwork from you?

A: I'm sorry, but I only do requests to close friends.

Q: Are you available for commissions?

A: Not anymore.

Q: Have you ever considered making tutorials?

A: I'm not good at teaching. (Believe me, I tried.)


Q: What university did you attend to learn how to (insert art-related verb here)

A: None. I'm undergraduate.

Q: Where did you learn how to (insert art-related verb here)

A: Self-learning and free online tutorials.

Q: Any tips or tutorials?

A: Check my downloadable PSDs here: mikeinel.deviantart.com/galler…

Q: What's your inspiration in creating art?

A: I want to see something I haven't seen, so I'll try making it instead.

Q: How long did you practice drawing to get to the level you're at now?

A: The longest time I can remember.

Q: Why aren't you replying to our posts?

A: I find it difficult to answer hundreds of posts. But believe it or not, I'm reading them all. In fact, I'm even excited to read them.

Q: Are you a Filipino?

A: Opo

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Hello! Do you have a tumblr page? I saw a url listed for your name, and my browser stopped me from visiting it 'cause it was doing something fishy... I wanted to let you know about it... I really like your work!! :)

mikeinelart tumblr not safe I guess no 2

won't ever forget this :)

Are you still active? (It’s okay if you say no)

I'm your Guardian angel

please remember the guardian angel of the dungeon the level that you have to include in your adventure time game and hey is also very sexy

You are a master of storytelling. You always give your animations a very stylish look. You are especially nailed at Wham Shots, those that hit the audience with turns and twists. You are a talented genius. Looking forward to seeing more of your original work!