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Usually I am a silent person but after you approach me, you'll realise that I can get a bit crazy or childish sometimes :giggle: But that's how it should be I guess. Every person is built from more angles in contrast/oposing themselves. Yea I like to reflect about these things: life, universe, spirit and mind. :)

I love biology, chemistry and want to understand physics' mystery...but it appears to be a little harder.
Also I love Naruto manga and anime, as you already noticed, along with other SF movies or even dramas.

Currently overwhelmed by the W.I.T.C.H. nostalgia <3

Proud of my country's history, especially the one involving dacians.
Like the title says it, I was tagged by the lovely :iconkaterinaaqu: so I'll proceed to answer her questions, but before doing so, here are the rules:

1.) post these rules
2.) Each Person has to share 13 things about them
3.) Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag have to answer 
4.) choose 13 people.
5.) Go to their page and inform them they were tagged
6.) not something like "you are tagged if you read this"
7.) you legitimately have to tag 13 people
8.) you can't say you don't do tags
9.) tag-backs are allowed
10.) YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY NO COMMENTS unless commenting about the actual entry
11.) you have to finish this within a week. if not, you'll have to do what the creator asked you to: art, RP, etc. (no pressure guys and no need to do anything for me, really, I don't want to make anybody feel forced, I wouldn't like it)
12.) be creative with the title. No "I've got tagged" things (yeah but my brain is lazy today so no creativity)
13.) Cussing is allowed

Things about me:

1. I love to draw, which is quite obvious. I started to draw ever since I was 4 because my parents worked a lot and I was alone for most of the time.

2. When I was little I used to get bored easily of the toys my parents bought for me so I started to draw my favorite characters from cartoons or purely invent OCs and then crop them so their arms, legs and head could bend when I would play with them. I also used to write several names on their backs (which were left white) depending on which roleplay they were featured in :giggle: I was such a little creep! xD

3. I LOVE DOGS! Actually I like and respect any creature no matter if some people consider them disgusting or ugly, to me everything is beautiful, but I feel more attracted to dogs. They've been a great part of my life ever since I was 6 or 7. I am not talking just about my own dogs (I have 3 and they are so precious). 2 of them I adopted since they were stray and so fragile. Now they are healthy and playful (but still...old :( ) I along with my parents
(because I was VERY INSISTENT) also took care of many stray dogs, especially females with puppies no one wanted. People were like "oh they are so cute but too noisy..." or "aww poor little puppies" but none helped them. So we took care of them at our garden (several different generations from different females) after the puppies got bigger we searched for owners we considered lovely and worth to have them and donated the puppies. We found homes for their mommies as well and I still visit them once in a while :heart:

4. I want to learn to make animations and eventually follow an animation school.

5. When I start to like a fictional character I become obsessed with it. Like LITERALLY. That's why I am afraid to start watching a new series or join a new fandom. It's unhealthy for me and I am still trying to find ways to keep a balance.

6. Despite that I am not a negative person, for I can consider myself positive, even with several flaws, (but I dislike violence and I want to avoid conflicts as much as possible, I can't even kill a fly...rlly) I've always been attracted to villains from stories, cartoons, movies. Ever since I was a child my favorite characters have always been the villains. But not any villains, I came to realize that I have the tendency to go for the very similar energy I found in my first favorite villains and the one that I find in others as well. Not all of them are alike. It's not the fact that I like the way they make people suffer but I am trying to be understanding for anyone has their reason to do something. I am trying to switch the angles and look at the character and the situation from other perspectives as well. Eventually I come to realize they are not all that bad at all. Nothing is purely evil and nothing is purely good. Good and Evil are very relative concepts. What is good for you might be bad for someone else and vice versa. ^v^

7. I believe in paranormal stuff and magic.

8. I believe that everything is possible...but then I run into the paradox that "if everything is possible then the impossible is possible too" which only puzzles me but oh well...I tend to make my life complicated.

9. I used to be very energetic several years ago, playing non stop, all kinds of sports, talking a lot, doing a lot of stuff. I was very active, but especially in the past two years I started to change drastically and I still don't know why...I became gloomy in the last half of year and very unhappy. But despite all this odd change I am still eager to try and make other people happy, while I am still searching for my own happiness.

10. I also love to write. I am planning to write a story about an odd but very special character that appeared in my mind several months ago. (I also started to write my first W.I.T.C.H. fanfic but that's mostly just for exercise).

11. I prefer quiet places like mountainous areas, woods and nature over cities and crowded places.

12. I dislike being in the center of attention, yet sometimes I feel the desire of taking care of chores. I usually feel more confident in a group than on my own, but I also feel better when I am a lone wolf. I feel like a contradiction and for most of the time I argue with myself. It feels like I have at least 2 entities inside of me, sometimes even 3 or more. I end up not knowing  which voice to follow because each presents me different points of view towards a matter and this leads to see more risks or more consequences...

13. I never jump to do something unless I've done some serious research about the topic, for most of the time from more sources. I don't like to be caught off guard, so I take my time to think about it.

Questions for me:

1-What's your favorite Fictional Character (from anime, manga, cartoon, book, video game etc)?
  It's Prince Phobos (from W.I.T.C.H.) obviously, the one and only who ruins my life and the only character I am struggling to give up on q.q He was the first character I developed an obsession for, when I was 8. I was stunned by him ever since the first episode. But then W.I.T.C.H. got canceled so I eventually moved on when Naruto era came. I completely forgot about Phobos for so many years. Then after my last favorite character from Naruto (Madara) died, I suddenly lost all my interest in the series (I never thought such a thing could happen). The first thing that came in my mind back then (1 year ago) was Prince "yeah you forgot about me for so long and dumped me for so many characters but don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to make up for it from now on" and here I am making lots of fanarts xD

2-Your favorite show (anime, cartoon, tv show etc)
   It's W.I.T.C.H. all the way! Then Naruto.

3-What do you like to do in your free time?
   Contemplate life, Universe and all sorts of other philosophical stuff. Also to draw but I am kind of lazy. 

4-What's your favorite movie?
  It's really hard to choose, I've seen many wonderful movies lately that confirmed that there are other people who think alike me which makes me very enthusiastic. I'll just list my favorites: "Oblivion", "Interstellar", "The Day After Tomorrow", "Through the Wormhole" etc. I like SF movies.

5-Books or TV?
  It depends, but for 3 years or so we've no longer had a TV so...books lately. I've read a wonderful book entitled "The house of Doctor Dee" which I strongly recommend for anyone who is into alchemy and magical stuff.

6-History or Math?
  History!!! I am not a math-person xD I actually kind of struggle with it.

7-What's your favorite Ancient Kingdom?
   Dacia :heart: Our ancestors.

8-What's your country's favorite legend/myth?
   You might expect me to say Dracula's xD Actually there is a Dacian legend which says that each year the dacians organised a competition for the boys. A difficult race, I venture to guess even with obstacles. The boy who won (others say that this boy also had to be intelligent and beautiful as well) was granted the permission to receive a great task: the mission to be the envoy to Zalmoxis (the supreme Dacian God). This meant that he had to enter some sort of a trance and while he was unconscious, other two or more people/soldiers would throw him off a rock into the spears of soldiers waiting below. If the boy dies with a smile upon his face, it means he started the journey well to their God. But if the boy dies with a grimace over his features they would take the next boy in line (second one in race) ...and so on. You might think "what the hell did they want to sacrifice all of their boys?" well no. An odd trait common in dacians was the fact that they were not afraid of death. They usually died smiling in battle. That's what texts say. Dacians were crying when a child was born and would party when someone died. So...yeah xD

9-Do you like music?
  Yes! In the last years I feel like I can't live without listening at least 15 mins to music each day. (I usually listen to more lol).

10-If yes what's your favorite type?
  Ah, I am actually open to any genre and I like many many many songs! My favorite one for now is Carmina Burana. I also love celtic music (by Hans Zimmer) but also pop, rock, heavy metal, folk, electronic. Anything I find nice.

11-Do you play a musical instrument and if no what do you want to learn?
  Unfortunately I do not play any instrument but I wish I knew how to play the piano or the flute.

12-Where do you live? (country)
  Romania, more exactly Transilvania :heart:

13-Do you want to read my fanfics, hear my anime recordings or see my pics?
   Sure! Bring them on :la:

 I tag (but really no need to do this guys, ignore the rules) : :iconsilverkitsu: :iconcrimson-memory: :iconfireeaglespirit: :iconnoldien: :iconlinnzy: :iconfaustthenineth: :icongerganafen: :iconstarilsign: :iconladynijo:
:icongirlofbluefire: :icongalistar07water: :iconvivianelefay: :iconfenrir1991: (<-last but not the least, dear :giggle: )
Btw if anyone wants to do this go ahead! :la:

 My questions for you:
1. Which was the most bizarre dream you had and you can recall? (only if you are willing to talk about it)
2. What type of artstyle do you prefer?
3. If you could master any other art (drawing, painting, writing, music, sculpting etc) what would it be and why?
4. If you could speak any other language what would it be?
5. Have you ever thought of how your genderbender version would be like? If yes, could you describe? (looks, way of acting-if you think you'll still be the same or slightly different in personality)
6. Which are your favorite OTPs? (list 5 many as you want, I'm really curious :3 )
7. Do you suffer when bad things happen to your favorite character? (I think the answer is yes to most of us lol) How would you describe this pain?
8. What's your favorite fictional world/planet?
9. If you could choose to have any kind of magical ability, what would it be? (examples: glamour, shape shifting, mind control, summoning spirits, telepathy, telekinesis, control over a certain element of nature, ability to speak with animals, ability to see forms of energy like spirits, etc etc etc)
10. Do you have an own character? If yes, how do you feel towards it? What does it mean to you?
11. Did you ever have lucid dreams? If no, would you like to have?
12. What is your favorite fantastic creature?
13. If you were granted the chance to time travel (only once) what would you choose? Past or future?

For those who had the patience to read all this, thank you :hug:
  • Listening to: Carmina Burana
  • Reading: The Hatter's Castle
  • Watching: forever W.I.T.C.H. over and over again
  • Playing: let's see how lazy I can be
  • Eating: biscuits
  • Drinking: the boring water


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