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Twisted Tropes - Caught With Your Pants Down

By MikeHowland
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Just lock the door, man!    
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I think Dr Claw should have activated the escape pod rocket (the one he usually uses at the end of the episode). It would have been a wonderfully hilarious overreaction.

Also how can he do that wearing a metal gauntlet? He must be a real masochist!
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MiniMinxHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Good one! I love how smug MadCat looks in the second panel.
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Poor MadCat, having to put up with Dr. Claws porn. Plus s/he (did the show ever specify?) looks glad that the Doctor got interrupted.
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Madcat really took a lot of guff from Dr.Claw (who was only unmasked in the toyline and the new movies, never in the original cartoon), I think he feels a certain amount of schadenfreude whenever things go poorly for the Doc. Along with perhaps a touch of relief, in this case.