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ok, besides my lack of interest in the dcu's vibrant history, the artwork was fuckin phenomenal. ive never really been familiar with JG jones work and since reading 52 and final crisis, i have become a fan. some of the artists working in 52 were good for the most part as a whole but there were some i really wasnt into. also, george perez is a psychopath, there were countless times throughout crisis on infinite earths where i couldnt believe how many people this guy could fit into a tiny ass panel and still have it make sense. the man's a beast. as a whole i didnt like the major events but there were some pretty cool moments throughout but for the most part, it s a fucking headache. i read the black adam stand alone story which takes place after 52 and that was really cool, doug mahnke is fuckin awesome too. stuff like that i have no problem with, seperate little stories on the side is cool, but fuck superman. long live bizaro
  • Reading: anything but DC related material
ok, i just finished reading the bulk of events leading up to dc's final crisis (crisis on infinite earths, infinite crisis, 52, and finally final crisis). i did this because the majority of the books i read consist of marvel and other publishers. i felt i needed at least to figure out what was going on within the dc universe that i had been missing all these spiderman and wolverine infested years. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE, the dc universe is a cluster fuck of confusing events consisting of multiple earths and other brain numbing details, i do not regret reading these things and i'm not going to write off the dc universe as a whole, but i want nothing to do with major events within its continuity. i give props to all the people who read this shit on a regular seizure inducing basis and the sad part about this is whenever the dcu exceeds in detail and mind altering story elements, the marvel universe is in complete lacking. i have a subscription to a good number of their books and the majority of their books suck complete ass save captain america (which is fucking badass by the way). do you have to agree with me? no. if you haven't read any of these titles, i would recommend reading them if you wish to recite " what the fuck just happened?" countless times throughout the process. i now know for sure that my least favorite super hero is superman, what the fuck is the point of a character who never fails in his attempt for truth and justice, fanboys say what you will, but superman needs to be curb stomped on a brick of kryptonite.
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i havent uploaded anything new in awhile, so theres some stuff up. i also put stuff up that i had never scanned so yea, check em out.
this is my second deviant page due to asshole spammers, i hate you whoever you are, i hope my last watchers/friends find this site with little to no hassle