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Love of Music Tattoo

This is my first tattoo. I like it because it represents that my heart can't beat with out music. I love it so much. I basically created it myself. :) Hope you all like it. If you wanna use it let me know.
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very creative and unique!
Can I have permission to use this for my first tattoo? Ill change the heart beat going into heart of course just a little.
Took words right out of my mouth!! Can you send me hIgh quality photo of this?
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Wanna do it to but on the arm xD *O* is so beautiful!!
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Hi, Mike! Would you mind if I get this inked on me? I'd like to have it over my chest's heart. I'll post a picture to show kudos.
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I may just use this! :D
Omg that is AMAZING!
I would love to use this design on myself if you wouldn't mind. I'm a die-hard choral singer and aspiring doctor so it's sort of perfect for me.
With a change to the EKG to make it look like tachycardia.
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the cardiogram line is like you 're having arrhythmea
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Or it could be a soundwave?
omg im so in love with this! im not 18 yet so im just counting down the days and getting inspiration for my first tattoo!
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This is absolutely amazing!!!♥♥♥
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Awesome! Thank you so much! Here's the link to the chapter I used it in: [link]
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I love your tattoo! It's unqiue and beautiful! I wanted to know if I may use it as a tattoo for my character Henrietta in this Ville Valo series I am doing. I would of course put a link back to this page
Yeah! That would be totally cool! :D
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Oh my!
So beautiful!

I want a tattoo, so, I was searching for something that could give me inspiration, and omg, your tattoo is amazing!
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I've seen a lot of tattoo's.. But really, this is the only one I like! *.*
Really cool I have to say that =D
I like this one!
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I love that so much :) I play bass clef myself
I sing the bass cleff. :D
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i play the bass clef :)
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