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MLP Comic - Strawberries and Peanuts

Boy, you walked right into that one, huh Twilight? Pinkie logic trounces all yet again!


My Little Pony Friendship is Magic created by :iconfyre-flye: and is © to Hasbro

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Show us one, then, Pinkie.
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Totally what Pinkie Pie would say!  You could write for the show, dude!

...If you actually do write for the show, it may be a bad idea to post material here...
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I know! Pinkie is so silly! XD

But boy, do I wish I worked for the show. I would have such a blast!
an now the hunt for the elephontas begins
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because the elephants hide in the strawberry patches, but twilights says they cant because she has never SEEN one
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Someone has just made an animated version of your comic
MikeDugan's avatar
Oh my gosh! That's amazing! I can't believe how well done that is! It looks just like the show!
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HI! Animator here! I'm really glad you liked the animation! I really wanna do more stuff like this in the future. You should keep up the good work with your comics. They're HILARIOUS!

Again, thank you so much! ^^
MikeDugan's avatar
You're very welcome! You and your friends are very talented, so I hope you do much more! And I'm totally going to make a bunch more comics!
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YAY! (hugs) ^^
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I hate to be that gal but Pinkie doesn´t make sense and not in a fun Discord way, in a frustrating Disney´s Sleeping Beauty way
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Lol, that Pinkie. I did a comic dub of this xD:…
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Hmm that sort of reminds me of a joke you might find in the book "Elephants, Grapes, and Pickles" XD 
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pinkie logic never fails Pinky Pie Licky 
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i dont get it..
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The joke was that they paint their nails to be hidden in the strawberry patch. Pinkie asked if Twilight has seen an Elephant in a strawberry patch and she said no, which means that the Elephants are hidden well.
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To be fair, Twilight walked into that one.
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