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Type 27 Tank Destroyer

Everything old is new again.

Faced with the threat-rich electronic warfare environment of Southeast Asia in the 2060's, defense budgets (both state and nonstate) faced of spiral of threat and expenditure from which there seemed no good escape. Intelligent mines, satellite assisted armored infantry, and a proliferation of automated weapon systems threatened to make what had been a border incident overflow into a wider settling of grudges between neighbors. The use of nonhuman systems threatened to remove accountability from the actors and invite further destabilization.

With this in mind, WESTSOC and some of the PMCs with larger research budgets came up with an elegant solution: The return of ballistic, direct-fire artillery to counter ground forces. Gun laying would be optical, with unaugmented crews and minimal electronic equipment. This would make them largely immune to the jamming and hacking by specialized systems that made the modern battlefield so uncertain. For border interdiction, the future lay in the past.

Based on a Chinese airmobile SPG, the Type 27 utilized a 128mm gun that could also fire a squeeze-bore sub caliber round when fitted with an adapter. While inaccurate, and even dangerous, to fire on the move, it proved an effective deterrent against light armor and armored infantry elements in multiple engagements. The example seen here is also fitted with a laser based CIWS for use against light drones and guided counter battery artillery.
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Problem of squeeze bore is that it can damage sabot projectile. Is probably best to use normal unrifled gun and increase pressure.
Great concept. And nice artwork, too. Another advantage is that any energy
emission, including laser, for gunsighting and rangefinding, can be detected and
traced back to the source for a homing weapon. What you have here, the term is
Passive Targeting.
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Problem is that enemy can also see weapon and also use basic jammer such as modern Shtora to defeat laser target. Moreover, due to poor ablation of ceramic, laser must take up high energy. This will give high thermal signature.
It's like a T29 and an M18 had a baby!
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This. Is. AWESOME!!!
Love the "Old is new again" idea.
AoiWaffle0608's avatar
I tried to fav this but this was already in my fav list...
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Barrel seems kinda long for this vehicle.
Whiskeyfur's avatar
For a gun that big and that.. narrow of a track base? I'm surprised it doesn't flip itself over with each shot to the side.
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It's really not meant to be fired on the move. Ideally, it fires hull down with the spade deployed. 

It can fire from an unprepared position, but it's vulnerable to counter-battery fire when doing so. If firing over open sights, it's best to do so more or less in line with the long axis of the hull, and to put the transmission in neutral.
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A lightly armoured tank destroyer which can't effectively fire on the move nor properly use its turret is a death trap, especially if it can be easily dealt with using a single anti-personnel grenade.

But with a few tweaks to turret protection and barrel length, it could be more than just cool-looking.
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I like this retro design it's almost like the Metal Slug games where the enemy uses old WWII esque designs despite being set in the early 21st century.
Curcanartgallery's avatar
not a big fan of open top turrets, but man, this looks sick af, love the rangefirnder
Tetravirus's avatar
Found this one while in search of '27' stuff, but had to go take a look at your gallery. A glimpse into the possible future of military technology - and so much with a very believable tale to go with it. 

Yours is a fun journey, to be sure
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Ahh! Coolest shit!
It almost looks like an M103
StugMeister's avatar
I'm loving the ww2/modern day mix on this AFV. :D
Looks like the 2 said arms on the turret are a kind of reactive armor?
MikeDoscher's avatar
Optical rangefinder. :) The small bumps near the mantlet is another set, serving as backup. The turret can be fitted with ERA blocks though- they attach to those lugs.
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Uuuuuh dangerous and sexy Love 
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Absolutely love this design but what's that final she'll type on the right?
Looks very cool, but you should really close the turret, imho. Open turrets are soooo vulnerable...
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That turret looks so sexy it's like a mix between a Battleship and M10 Wolverine and I LOVE both of those
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Looking at the hull, it reminds me of one specific Soviet tank i saw at the Kubinka museum last time i was in Russia (worth it btw, if you get the chance to go to Russia try to visit the tank museum). I believe it was the IS2 and IS3 that had that center-mounted pilot nest and angled nose/hull center. Turret design reminds me of the german anti-tank platforms too, but i cant remember the name (there was one with the similar shape and open top).

Love the retro-future design, Mike. Always love taking apart your works for details and inspiration
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