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A somewhat sloppy color study of a Q-ship based upon a well-worn merchant freighter hull. I’m exploring the tension between color, form, and detail to get a better idea of how to convey multiple pieces of visual and narrative information with a design and not have it fall apart.

(For those who haven’t heard the term, a Q-ship is a sort of combat vessel disguised as a merchant ship. Historically, these were used to try and draw enemy commerce raiders and submarines into engagements where they could be destroyed by surprise)

I call this one the Spinward Caesar in honor of the date.

I’ve been listening to Tracy Butler’s first livestream while I was finishing this, and got some interesting insights into process and motivation. I recommend it highly:…

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You've got a really nice design here. That's exactly how I would imagine a freighter in space.
It's cleary designed for a purpose and that purpose is visible.
Of course it's real role is hidden, but that's what a q-ship is all about.

I'm impressed and kinda amazed. I've NEVER thought about a concept like q-ships in space.