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Piranha Fighter Concept

By MikeDoscher
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This is the armed version of the little ship sitting on top of my Heavy Lifter design. Odd thing is, these pencil sketches predate that concept. This was originally a pirate fighter for another project. I dug them out as reference for a guy who wanted to model the ships for a school project, then decided the drawings hadn't aged too badly and gave them a shot of color. I'm tempted to model this, myself.

Pencil, Photoshop, and Nyquil. Colds suck.
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really concept and cool picture, great :) (Smile):) (Smile)
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Probably been said before, and by people smarter than me, but; so many gauges.....
Also, something about the liines of your art tickles my "DO WANT" sense.
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This is so cool... like WWII fighter meets Saturn V moon rocket with a healthy dash of extra guns.
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Oh i like this very much, retro style ships are aw sum at any level, I suggest you do model this one, she deserves the attention, great work friend :)
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Thank you. :) I actually did do a model of it, though the model is looking a bit long in the tooth now: [link]
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Nice fighter!! :) It looks like a blend of 1930s aesthetics with far-future rocketry, which isn't surprising since this mixes alien antigravity generators and fusion thrusters with human tech as you said in a comment below. It would be interesting to see how this sort of integration would affect the rest our technology, particularly spacecraft. What does this craft have in the way of weapons? I see what look like gun pods and hard points for missiles. Is this craft a space fighter? It would be pretty fun, taking one of these out for a spin near Luna or one of the gas giants- but I would be worried about having the fusion plasma thrusters mounted right next to the cockpit, due to possible leakage of radiation.
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This was kind of an odd one: Originally, the design was for a game called Rocketship Empires: 1936. The game posited period tech but with extraterrestrial technology for propulsion and materials. The fighter is actually a converted racer used by pirates to attack shipping. It's fitted with a pair of heavy machine guns on the front, and a crude mounting for a 37mm autocannon above the cockpit. It's a bit of a deathtrap, really. Martian propulsion systems were never adequately explained, save that they used some sort of living component to generate large amounts of energy, which could be used in various ways. I suppose I could explain away the radiation danger as advances in basic materials, but the truth is more mundane: I was young and carefree! XD
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Awesome design, really evoks the feeling of a WW2 era fighter.
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Hey Mike. I love this picture. For this reason I designed it as a 3d model. How do you think? Best regards Torben.

Link to the picture

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That looks awesome! :D It's a different take than I took on materials, but it's really refreshing. I'm honored.
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Your pictures are really incredible. So much imagination. Are you doing it as a career or as a hobby?
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Thank you. :) I do this professionally, but it started as a hobby and still is, really. By day I'm a concept artist for Petroglyph (End of Nations) and I've also got my own non-game projects I'm working on.
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That is realy cool. Nice work.
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it makes me think "Star Wars: Before the Jedi" like, this is what space fighters would look like a space ship from long ago, in the Star Wars universe
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really like all the deatail
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This is noooooo-ho-ho fighter.....this be a GUNSHIP!!!
I love this! You were very detailed here! FAAAAAAAAAAVED!!!
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Something straightly from Jets n Guns. Excellent work. A mix of WW II and sci fi stuff.
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omg this makes me think of crimson skies I loved that game :B
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I love it. Great work.
If I was super rich, I would hire you to build me a real one.
I think it would fly.
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VERY, VERY cool !!!
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This is amazing! i love the design very nicely done! good job
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This looks awesome. I LOVE the retro/futuristic look [retroristic?]
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Incredible details, interesting design. Great work!!!
The hull resembles me Ławoczkin or Jakowlew fighter from the Second World War.
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